Definition of aftercare in English:



  • 1Subsequent care or maintenance, in particular.

    • ‘More recently, the aftercare has been contracted to another agency.’
    • ‘She explained that she had put together the aftercare bags to ensure people used the right products for all their piercings.’
    • ‘There is also an aftercare facility if new owners have any problems.’
    • ‘Neither the winning and working of the sand and gravel nor the subsequent activities of restoration and aftercare are agricultural uses though the subsequent activities may be preliminaries to the resumption of such use.’
    • ‘‘It basically just says that you agree to follow the aftercare procedures so you can't sue us if it gets infected,’ she says.’
    • ‘While many shops offer different directions for healing, here are some of the basic aftercare facts.’
    • ‘What do they like and dislike about the design, the artist, the procedure, the cost and the aftercare?’
    • ‘Following the clinical perspective of the program the aftercare sessions are also individualized to fit the needs of the client.’
    • ‘But I'm a little concerned about my housing situation and I'm not too happy about the aftercare options.’
    • ‘What some ladies do not realize is that the aftercare works out to be extremely expensive.’
    • ‘The soil structure, which has been carefully built up through the aftercare period and subsequent agricultural use, would also be destroyed.’
    1. 1.1 Care of a patient after a stay in the hospital or of a person on release from prison.
      • ‘However, American research suggests that they do reduce recidivism, especially if followed by post-release aftercare.’
      • ‘Prison treatment plus aftercare yielded the best outcome results at the centre, a finding that has now been replicated in other studies.’
      • ‘That unit has been very busy since it opened, particularly because many operations carried out require intensive care or high dependency aftercare.’
      • ‘Thus, motivation scores on admission to treatment are related significantly to entry into postprison aftercare.’
      • ‘Twelve clients continued treatment following the 20-session program for aftercare counseling.’
      • ‘We studied a handful of services offered by programs, including aftercare, medical care, individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy.’
      • ‘I will also encourage development of thorough care and aftercare services.’
      • ‘The protocols for lumbar puncture and aftercare were standardized and identical for all procedures.’
      • ‘It is confidential and fully independent, and offers assistance with prevention, early detection, intervention, treatment, aftercare and monitoring.’
      • ‘For many people, aftercare such as taking medication or visiting an outpatient clinic is essential after a stay in hospital.’
      • ‘During their organizing time, have your patients start researching their aftercare choices, as well.’
      • ‘Our trial does not explain the observed benefits, and we did not monitor medical aftercare.’
      • ‘And aftercare was discussed in a way that patients and their relatives could understand.’
      • ‘More information is needed not only about the best form of psychological treatments for these people but also about the appropriateness of hospital aftercare for initial management.’
      • ‘There is therefore a need for continued vigilance about medication, environmental change, and sensory problems during discharge planning and aftercare.’
      • ‘You should feel no side effects after the procedure, and no aftercare is necessary.’
      • ‘Thus, the present findings further underscore the importance of postprison aftercare reported in the literature as a component of effective prison-based TC treatment.’
      • ‘I have no idea what, if any, medical or psychological aftercare she received.’
      • ‘However, if there are any problems, knowing about them in advance can help parents and doctors plan for the baby's future and assess any special requirements for the birth and aftercare.’
      • ‘She said: ‘We have young mums who need that aftercare to be able to care for their babies.’’
      maintenance, service, servicing, care, aftercare, preservation, conservation, running
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  • 2Childcare for the period between the end of the school day and the end of a parent's working day.

    [as modifier] ‘an aftercare facility at the local YMCA’
    • ‘Our aftercare program is in session during many school holidays and vacation days and requires pre-registration.’
    • ‘‘Other people from the community can also come and use some of the facilities we have,’ said the aftercare teacher.’
    • ‘Aftercare is available for children ages 5 through grade 6 on all regularly scheduled school days.’
    • ‘The Aftercare facility is available for Junior School pupils whose parents are unable to collect them at the end of the school day.’
    • ‘The School offers an Aftercare program for children enrolled in our Kindergarten and Preschool programs.’
    • ‘Parents must contact the office if a child is absent from school so that the Aftercare teacher may be notified.’
    • ‘Since opening its doors in September 2003 the centre has had to move from one venue to another as the numbers of children attending courses or using the aftercare facilities burgeoned.’
    • ‘There will not be any Aftercare facility that afternoon.’
    • ‘The Aftercare facility is selling personalized photo mugs as a fundraiser for all the children who attend aftercare.’
    • ‘Our Aftercare facility is adjacent to the Prep, making it very convenient for children to make use of this facility, which runs from 3pm to 6pm each day.’
    • ‘At 5.00 pm any children still not collected will be taken to Aftercare in the Nursery.’
    • ‘The school hours are 8.30am till 2pm and we offer an aftercare facility till 5pm.’
    • ‘After school closes, the aftercare children report to me in the classroom specially provided for this purpose.’
    • ‘Adequate procedures for absentee notification either by the parents, the school, or the aftercare facility should be in place.’
    • ‘Check with your child’s daycare, school, or before/ aftercare program about a reduced fee or fee waiver.’