Definition of Africana in US English:


plural noun

  • Books, artifacts, and other collectors' items connected with Africa, especially southern Africa.

    • ‘Two-thirds of the shop's books are Africana, plus modern first editions, and children's and illustrated books.’
    • ‘He began collecting Africana and conducting research into the history and life of the Voortrekker period.’
    • ‘The courses in the Africana studies department offer a global perspective, are rigorous, and demand high levels of performance by students, including critical thinking, research and extensive reading and writing.’
    • ‘I imagined him to be a tweedy 40-year-old, steeped in Africana lore and smelling of cigar smoke.’
    • ‘The spacious, comfortable lounge, with fireplace and open-plan kitchen is furnished with Zimbabwean teak and lovingly collected Africana’
    • ‘He subsequently worked in the country for 12 years until 1968, during which period he collected 'Africana' relating to Swaziland and the surrounding countries.’
    • ‘While the study of Africa is pursued today at many institutions, only a relatively few have made major commitments to collecting Africana in depth.’
    • ‘Also reflected in the correspondence is his interest in collecting Africana and antiquarian books, and in big game hunting.’
    • ‘That the Africana missive exists seems to me to represent evidence.’
    • ‘The director of the Africana studies department at the University, he has been active in developing online resources in Black studies.’
    • ‘In honour of its 30th anniversary, the Society will hold an Africana Congress this weekend.’
    • ‘We invite papers that address identity, language, and memory in Africa and the African diaspora in philosophy, religious/theological studies, and Africana philosophy.’
    • ‘Consequently, while Africana drama can be found on stage, it easily makes a home in earth, human beings, vinyl, paper, and concrete - the stylings of soulforce know no bounds.’
    • ‘She keeps smiling at me all the way through the dad's explanations about the bookshop, and how he collects Africana.’
    • ‘As I’ve always been fascinated by books and the history of my country, it was natural for me to drift into collecting Africana books and pictures.’
    • ‘He is a wisdom-keeper devoted to revealing the multi-dimensionality of Africana drama.’
    • ‘The museum currently exhibits no Africana save these Amistad-related materials.’
    • ‘The class is part of the Africana studies curriculum, and he is thankful for such departments.’
    • ‘Collecting Africana is unlike collecting most other materials because of the lack of well-known high-profile vendors.’
    • ‘As a consequence, vast intellectual, humanitarian, economic and political resources will likely be brought to bear in service to the peoples of Africa, and we will need well-trained scholars in Africana studies to play a role.’