Definition of affordability in US English:



  • 1Ability to be afforded; inexpensiveness.

    ‘the rapid spread and increasing affordability of wireless communication’
    • ‘Others claim that the greater affordability of skiing means that the slopes are now being ruined by a torrent of reckless boarders and skiers.’
    • ‘Long-term growth will be driven in essence by the increasing affordability of air travel through greater competition.’
    • ‘I feel I would have to shop at stores where quality gives way to affordability.’
    • ‘They manufacture the best wood molding in the world without sacrificing affordability.’
    • ‘Given the exorbitant cost of the city's real estate, the relative affordability of the area has proved to be a major factor.’
    • ‘The firm must also preserve the community's commitment to affordability.’
    • ‘We have highlighted the increased availability and affordability of powder cocaine.’
    • ‘The ballpark itself seems to be the real draw—fans rave about their experience there, including its affordability and amenities.’
    • ‘The increasing affordability of flat-panel TV screens will make video art compatible with other forms of photography.’
    • ‘At a starting price of only $249, it ushers in a new level of performance, features, and affordability.’
    1. 1.1 The cost or price of something.
      ‘they arrived at their conclusion by comparing the affordability of houses with average historical levels’
      ‘the reforms under discussion would have a negligible impact on housing affordability’
      • ‘City officials adopted a phased approach to the project, one that would allow the company to test the technology and determine affordability.’
      • ‘The lowered subsidies have a direct impact on affordability.’
      • ‘Low wages and high unemployment levels among persons with disabilities has made both the production and affordability of wheelchairs a problem.’
      • ‘The affordability reports are now using the floating rate as most new mortgages are now floating rather than fixed.’
      • ‘The demand for the dismantling of price controls could impact the affordability of medicines.’
      • ‘While all these figures largely pertain to affordability over the past decade, many buyers feel that they are worse off when compared to their parents.’
      • ‘This record reflects the nationwide grades, based on affordability of state colleges and universities in a study just released.’
      • ‘Which treatment patients receive should be guided by safety and affordability.’
      • ‘The availability and affordability of the research product to the concerned communities should be examined.’
      • ‘Home loan affordability remains at "scary" levels even though property prices continue to fall across the city.’