Definition of affluential in US English:



  • Rich and socially influential.

    ‘the daughter of an affluential businessman’
    • ‘Her family was very affluential, which in turn meant that she rarely had to lift a finger.’
    • ‘I want to catch up to all those affluential people who've wasted hundreds of dollars at the tanning salon.’
    • ‘The Legion was led by a man he had yet to go into battle with, a young man of no more than 20 years who had purchased into his rank with the help of a very affluential father.’
    • ‘He is one of our most affluential Trustees, and has given large sums of money toward the asylum's support.’
    • ‘We are educated, articulate, affluential, respected, and deal with humans and their problems daily - I am sure the average doctor would become a better leader than the likes of our present leaders.’
    • ‘Of course a lot of corporations are well funded and highly affluential, but there are still working class, or working poor who depend on those unions to keep getting a paycheck.’
    • ‘Law was too dishonest a business for an idealist such as he was even from an early age, and he quickly abandoned that career for other, less affluential, perhaps, but more satisfying avenues.’
    • ‘I think this message is pertinent to both impoverished as well as more affluential people, and those in between.’
    • ‘But this is not an accurate picture of the whole world, only a small and very affluential part of it.’
    • ‘They have no real experience nor connections with current affairs nor affluential people.’
    • ‘You've been affluential in both the realms of music and writing, as well as spoken word and poetry.’
    • ‘If you have access to a computer and can read this post, the chances are you are in the top 5% of the worlds most affluential people.’
    • ‘Most of the leaders in this community are affluential and influential when it comes down to voting, progress, competition, and spiritual guidance.’
    • ‘It has been a popular visiting spot from as early as the 17th century, solely reserved for affluential people belonging to the so-called Special Class.’
    • ‘The publications reach influential and affluential business leaders in the markets they serve.’


  • A rich and socially influential person.

    ‘the local affluentials have driven up property values’
    • ‘The growth in young affluentials has a major positive influence on up-and-coming areas.’
    • ‘Here, history and culture combine in a fairy tale like setting, which has been called the number one spot for "affluentials" in America.’
    • ‘Fifty-two percent of affluentials use a private bank for investment.’
    • ‘More young "affluentials" earning in excess of £60000 a year are living in the south of the borough, new figures have revealed.’
    • ‘The hotel bar is very popular in Barcelona and is a regular for some of Barcelona's most affluential in society.’


Mid 19th century: blend of affluent and influential.