Definition of affiant in US English:



US Law
  • A person who swears to an affidavit.

    • ‘I am in no position to determine the accuracy of any such allegations or the veracity of the affiants of the affidavits in support of the application.’
    • ‘Each affiant was cross-examined by the Plaintiffs.’
    • ‘No responding affidavit was filed, and the affiant was not cross-examined.’
    • ‘As pointed out by the Crown in its factum, several of the affiants concede this.’
    • ‘The test for granting leave to cross-examine an affiant of an information to obtain or an authorization affidavit is this.’


Early 19th century: from French, present participle of afier, from medieval Latin affidare ‘declare on oath’ (see affiance).