Definition of affable in English:



  • Friendly, good-natured, or easy to talk to.

    ‘an affable and agreeable companion’
    • ‘Listen to their concerns, Mr President, and be your affable, charming self.’
    • ‘It was easy to imagine a scene in that affable pub on any night, the slagging, the fun.’
    • ‘Everyone seemed very pleasant and affable and there wasn't too much in the way of pontificating.’
    • ‘I wasn't intimidated at all, I think because he's so warm and affable and such a generous actor.’
    • ‘Out of it, Alex should retain his very affable and amiable nature.’
    • ‘He is an affable man, easy to talk to, to sit down with, to rap about policy or just chat shop.’
    • ‘I have met him several times and find him an affable and friendly person, and a joy to talk politics with.’
    • ‘As it is, you couldn't wish to meet a more pleasant and affable young man.’
    • ‘Many years ago a very affable councillor approached me to script an election leaflet for him.’
    • ‘Pauline was a pleasant, affable and popular lady who was greatly liked throughout the community.’
    • ‘I know the Irish were traditionally keen on the idea of themselves as affable, sociable sorts.’
    • ‘He seems like a very affable, approachable fellow who thoroughly enjoys making movies.’
    • ‘He is too affable, too open, too ready to volunteer a view on issues that worry or interest him.’
    • ‘As a player, he was known as much for his toughness and will as he was for his affable personality.’
    • ‘Greece's affable, easy-going ways have long made it a favourite with families.’
    • ‘Most obliging and affable we wish him a good finish to the handballing year.’
    • ‘He was a charming, affable man who, it was said, defeated his enemies without making any.’
    • ‘Johnny had a warm and affable personality and was renowned as a hard worker.’
    • ‘Usually Eddington is the most affable of colleagues, friendly and very approachable.’
    • ‘On-line customers will be able to fully interact with the affable Alex as if talking to another person.’
    friendly, amiable, genial, congenial, cordial, warm, pleasant, pleasing, nice, likeable, personable, charming, agreeable, sympathetic, benevolent, benign, good-humoured, good-natured, kindly, kind, courteous, civil, gracious, approachable, accessible, amenable, sociable, outgoing, gregarious, convivial, jovial, clubbable, comradely, neighbourly, welcoming, hospitable, obliging, easy-going, informal, open, communicative, unreserved, uninhibited, natural, relaxed, easy
    chummy, pally
    matey, decent
    clubby, buddy-buddy
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Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin affabilis, from the verb affari, from ad- to + fari speak.