Definition of aerosolize in US English:


(British aerosolise)


[with object]
  • Convert into a fine spray or colloidal suspension in air.

    ‘the drug is being tested in an aerosolized form’
    • ‘Airway responsiveness to aerosolized MCh was measured on the basis of previously described procedures.’
    • ‘Additionally more common toxins tend to be those that are inhaled, such as cleaning solvents, aerosolized paints, thinners, etc.’
    • ‘This helps remove aerosolized formalin from the air during the filling process, reducing the risk of inhalation exposure.’
    • ‘First, why did the exposure augment the responsiveness to both intravascular and aerosolized capsaicin?’
    • ‘Whenever possible, use aerosolized medications in single-dose vials.’