Definition of aerosol in English:



  • 1A substance enclosed under pressure and able to be released as a fine spray, typically by means of a propellant gas.

    • ‘They have uses as propellants in aerosol spray cans, refrigerant gases, and foaming agents for blown plastics.’
    • ‘Because the release of aerosols is centered over land, its cooling effects tend to be localized over continents.’
    • ‘One of the two accomplices attempted to spray an aerosol in her face before the gang fled empty-handed.’
    • ‘One day he comes up with this idea to make dog poop disappear with an aerosol spray…’
    • ‘Spraying rooms with an aerosol material will not eliminate mildew problems.’
    • ‘A fine mist is created as water passes over a high-frequency ultrasonic nebulizer - a device that creates an aerosol spray.’
    • ‘Stepping from the shadows, Reed extended his hand and sprayed the aerosol in the soldier's face.’
    • ‘Now take an aerosol can of hair spray lacquer and wave it a few times over the sheet.’
    • ‘Rapidly dissolving tablets and an aerosol spray are available for sublingual use.’
    • ‘Ricin is a toxin derived from the beans of the castor plant, and can easily be produced as an aerosol spray or fine powder.’
    • ‘The last thing he remembered was gasping with pain when someone sprayed an aerosol mist in his face as he left a crowded elevator.’
    • ‘One took out an aerosol can and began spray painting green paint over the bottom of the shutters of the shop opposite.’
    • ‘She shakes an aerosol can and sprays their coats, their heads, their tiny outstretched hands.’
    • ‘Also, of course, there are the wider concerns about environmental damage from aerosols and litter from packaging.’
    • ‘Space sprays or aerosols can be effective for rapid knockdown and kill of adult flies present during the application.’
    • ‘I hear the spray of an aerosol can and smell men's aftershave.’
    • ‘Another brand new label and debut release, this one's attractively packaged in an aerosol sprayed card sleeve.’
    • ‘Methods of delivery include drug-filled rubber bullets, aerosol sprays and dosing a people's food or water supplies.’
    • ‘This gas has long been used as a propellant in aerosol sprays and in refrigerators.’
    • ‘Although many nerve agents are called gases, they're actually liquids that can be released as an aerosol or mixed with other liquids.’
    atomizer, vaporizer, sprinkler
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    1. 1.1 A container holding an aerosol.
      • ‘These gases are released from aerosols, refrigeration units, insulating foams, and industrial plants.’
      • ‘At night, I danced with an aerosol of spray paint in my hand.’
      • ‘Such devices have been available for many years for the delivery of asthma medications in the form of small, pressurised aerosols.’
      • ‘The new drive-thru will cover everything from glass, paper, cans, aerosols, scrap metal, plastic bottles and textiles.’
      • ‘You've seen James Bond wasting that snake in the film using his hair spray aerosol.’
    2. 1.2Chemistry A colloidal suspension of particles dispersed in air or gas.
      • ‘Research indicates that the transport of odors is also associated with dust particles or aerosols.’
      • ‘During the tests, aerosolized spores were captured with an aerosol sampler and suspended in a solution.’
      • ‘This blister agent is a liquid at room temperature, but it can also be dispersed as an aerosol.’
      • ‘It is also providing critical observations of atmospheric particles, called aerosols, over the ice sheets and the rest of the world.’
      • ‘Scientists measure the amount of carbon dioxide, methane, sulfur aerosols, ozone, dust, and other chemicals in ice cores.’
      mixture, mix, blend, compound, suspension, tincture, infusion, emulsion, colloid, gel, fluid
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1920s: from aero- + sol.