Definition of aerobatics in US English:


plural noun

  • usually treated as singular Feats of spectacular flying performed in one or more aircraft to entertain an audience on the ground.

    • ‘Hume and I went out to practice some aerobatics.’
    • ‘It had excellent performance at height and could still perform aerobatics at 5000m.’
    • ‘An experienced Skyray user can perform aerobatics, doing barrel rolls and slaloming through clouds.’
    • ‘A witness who was standing outside of his home near the accident site thought that the airplane was doing aerobatics.’
    • ‘And while it's a sturdy training aircraft, it also has a deserved reputation for aerobatics - it can perform a 360° roll in just two seconds.’
    • ‘As an avid aerobatic pilot, Paul pushes the airplane into some very basic, very gentle aerobatics.’
    • ‘Now even more airshow fans will be able to see the precision aerobatics.’
    • ‘Student pilots learn aerobatics, formation, night and instrument flying and cross-country navigation.’
    • ‘Holding a doctorate degree from MIT, he also had pioneered instrument flying and precision aerobatics.’
    • ‘The airplane had a foldopen hatch, tandem seating, and sticks for pitch and roll, but wasn't rated for aerobatics.’
    • ‘A member of the US Aerobatic Team, Bob also enjoys competition aerobatics.’
    • ‘This became an opportunity to attempt unauthorized aerobatics away from the eyes of an instructor.’
    • ‘Andersson had created a compact single-seater that would go on to dominate world aerobatics for years to come.’
    • ‘We learned to takeoff, land, spin, stall, perform precision turns, lazy eights, pylon eights and aerobatics.’
    • ‘Thousands of families gathered to watch the Red Arrows perform astonishing aerobatics at breathtaking speed.’
    • ‘The helicopter also did a few daring aerobatics, including flying sideways and in reverse, before returning to base.’
    • ‘Anyone who has ever flown aerobatics knows that it's a physically demanding activity.’
    • ‘All aerobatics, spins and banks in excess of 60 degrees are prohibited.’
    • ‘This was to be a show, but also a cadet competition in short field landings, simulated forced landings, instrument flying and aerobatics.’
    • ‘Roll rate is probably about 45 degrees per second, quick enough to satisfy most pilots who aren't into unlimited aerobatics.’


First World War: from aero- + a shortened form of acrobatics.