Definition of aeolian in English:


(US eolian)


  • Relating to or arising from the action of the wind.

    ‘fluvial and eolian sediments’
    • ‘No one has revived these vague Aeolian tones, these half-sighs of the breezes, plaintive wails, ecstatic moans.’
    • ‘So there we are, who needs aeolian violins when all you need to do is take a stroll down to the harbour?’
    • ‘The tomb is shown no more, for sheep and wild goats graze over it, but the name of Kassandra passes from time to time through the melodies of the poets, like the summer winds sighing as they touch Aeolian strings.’
    • ‘When young love comes to the protagonist, the natural phenomena of the Valley burst brilliantly into light and color, with elements ranging from bright exotic flowers, birds, and fish to a golden atmosphere and Aeolian sounds.’
    • ‘Thy heart, with organ-tempests of its own, Will hear Aeolian sighs from thin chords blown.’


Early 17th century: from the name Aeolus + -ian.