Definition of adviser in English:


(also advisor)


  • 1A person who gives advice, typically someone who is expert in a particular field.

    ‘the military adviser to the president’
    • ‘The former chartered accountant has also been an adviser to the Scottish Executive.’
    • ‘He continues to serve as a senior adviser to the Ministry of the Interior.’
    • ‘A leading adviser to the Chancellor of the Exchequer was due in Bradford today to talk to trade unionists.’
    • ‘At the moment I am an adviser to the Minister of the Interior, but I will be quitting soon.’
    • ‘In the past he has been an adviser to the New Zealand and Russian Governments on pensions policy.’
    • ‘I suggest your friend either contact a tax adviser to work out the liability or go directly to her own inspector of taxes.’
    • ‘He spent 30 years as an adviser to the Treasury, working closely with nine chancellors.’
    • ‘He's since gone on to chronicle his experiences in a book, and of course act as advisor in the movie.’
    • ‘Presently, he has his hands full as an adviser to European Parliament on Guatanemo Bay.’
    • ‘An adviser to the Royal Mail has been involved in discussions with major banks.’
    • ‘She was phoned back not by the MP, but by a special adviser to the secretary of state.’
    • ‘He also acted as an adviser to doctors involved in partnership disputes.’
    • ‘He had stepped down as an adviser to the board of Leeds United days earlier.’
    • ‘He is now a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and an adviser to the Pentagon.’
    • ‘He runs an engraving business in Halifax and is an adviser to Halifax Rugby League Football Club.’
    • ‘His wide experience has made him a top adviser to the Home Office and the police.’
    • ‘He was a specialist adviser to the malaria consortium programme to promote malaria control strategies.’
    • ‘Strangely, he is the adviser to the transport department whose services the police use.’
    • ‘Picture my surprise when I read the suggestion that he could have been a health adviser to the Blair government.’
    • ‘He was the artistic adviser to the Queen, and he had certain proclivities, which they all had.’
    • ‘There is no way that the chief adviser to the president is going to be someone out on bail.’
    counsellor, mentor, guide, consultant, consultee, confidant, confidante, right hand man, right hand woman, aide, helper
    instructor, coach, trainer, teacher, tutor, guru
    main man
    dutch uncle
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    1. 1.1(in a school, college, or university) a teacher or staff counselor who helps a student plan a course of study.
      ‘my adviser might switch me back into Wasserman's class’
      • ‘The college could offer academic advisors training on how to advise students.’
      • ‘Talk to your careers adviser to make sure you choose the right apprenticeship.’
      • ‘We could cut student services like advisors, cleaning staff, security, food services and so forth.’
      • ‘There were no deans, provosts, student advisors, and other such academic sages.’
      • ‘Talk to your school or college careers advisor as well as your subject tutor to find out what your options are.’
      • ‘She has previously worked as a college student advisor and has taught in Slovakia.’
      • ‘In tutorials students and faculty advisors talk through ideas and suggestions.’
      • ‘That's a perfect example of how a good advisor can make a real difference in a student's life.’
      • ‘Psychological and philosophical studies that inspired the advisors were used as well.’
      • ‘You'd probably spend a good while wanting to smack your advisor of studies in the face, wouldn't you?’
      • ‘Academic faculty advisors meet with students periodically to check on their progress.’
      • ‘No matter what the student advisor tells you, you can pretty much talk your way into any class.’
      • ‘Talking of which, I'm off to visit it on Tuesday, to meet with my adviser of studies.’
      • ‘I was put through to a course advisor who asked what sort of background I was from.’
      • ‘Be sure to consult your advisor for specific advice pertaining to your situation.’
      • ‘The aim of the scheme is to improve religious teaching skills and create a stronger team of teachers and advisers.’
      • ‘I spoke to my advisor and switched to accountancy for the next year.’
      • ‘The female prof knows me the best, followed closely by my male academic advisor.’
      • ‘Each site group is made up of a few students, a sophomore student leader and a faculty advisor.’


The spellings adviser and advisor are both correct. Adviser is more common, but advisor is also widely used, especially in North America. Adviser may be seen as less formal, while advisor often suggests an official position