Definition of advertiser in US English:



  • A person or company that advertises a product, service, or event.

    ‘kids hate it when advertisers try too hard to target them on their level’
    • ‘The responsibility lies with the voters, not with the advertisers.’
    • ‘We can reach whatever demographic an advertiser wants, because we know exactly what and how many people are going to hear the ad.’
    • ‘Graffiti artists use the same tactics as billboard advertisers, but no one really connects the two.’
    • ‘The advertiser is solely responsible for the advertisement.’
    • ‘The network wanted to appeal to younger, more urban viewers in order to please advertisers.’
    • ‘In the 1950s, advertisers, who funded the programming, looked to manipulate the audience.’
    • ‘The stupid masses have been conned by the advertisers because they believe everything they see on TV.’
    • ‘Family-friendly viewers are more likely to use products made by these advertisers.’
    • ‘In 1999, the Oscars moved to Sunday in order to make the event more lucrative for television advertisers.’
    • ‘Advertisers are attracted to us because we have the affluent male audience, which is increasingly difficult to get a message to.’