Definition of advection in US English:



  • The transfer of heat or matter by the flow of a fluid, especially horizontally in the atmosphere or the sea.

    • ‘A spectacular form of heat advection occurs when molten rock, or magma, erupts from a volcano.’
    • ‘The very cold air advection in the rear of the cold front brought cooler air to much of the country.’
    • ‘The second type consists of mountains in the tropical and subtropical dry zones with hot climates at low elevation and only limited advection of moist air, such as the Bolivian Altiplano.’
    • ‘The first is due to initial conductive cooling; in the second, heat advection is controlled by fluid circulation.’
    • ‘There are two processes that change: advection (i.e. transport of the water vapour by the air flow) diffusion (i.e. spreading out by molecular effects)’


Early 20th century: from Latin advectio(n-), from advehere ‘bring’, from ad- ‘to’ + vehere ‘carry’.