Definition of advantageous in US English:



  • Involving or creating favorable circumstances that increase the chances of success or effectiveness; beneficial.

    ‘the scheme is advantageous to your company’
    ‘we are in an advantageous position’
    • ‘This allocation would be made in a way that was most advantageous to shareholders, Mr Goodyear said.’
    • ‘Our schemes are very competitive and advantageous for the value we offer.’
    • ‘This proved advantageous for learning French, as few spoke fluent English there.’
    • ‘With so many mortgage deals around expert help at finding the right product to suit your needs can be highly advantageous.’
    • ‘Even if you are in a position to dip into your savings for the odd £15,000, it may not be all that advantageous to do so.’
    superior, dominant, powerful, important, commanding, excellent, good, fine, fortunate, lucky, privileged, favourable, preferable, preferred, favoured, more desirable, most desirable
    beneficial, of benefit, helpful, of assistance, useful, of use, valuable, of value, of service, profitable, fruitful, rewarding, gainful, lucrative
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