Definition of advanced gas-cooled reactor in US English:

advanced gas-cooled reactor

(also AGR)


  • A nuclear reactor in which the coolant is carbon dioxide, with uranium oxide fuel clad in steel and using graphite as a moderator.

    • ‘An advanced gas-cooled reactor on the site is also undergoing decommissioning.’
    • ‘The nuclear plant comprises two advanced gas-cooled reactors providing steam at high pressure and temperature to two dedicated 660 MW steam turbine generators.’
    • ‘The historic costs of decommissioning British Magnox and advanced gas-cooled reactors do not bear comparison with the costs of decommissioning modern plants.’
    • ‘Oxide fuel used in advanced gas-cooled reactors and light-water reactors can be stored safely for longer periods of time.’
    • ‘The cracks were spotted in graphite bricks in the cores of all the company's advanced gas-cooled reactors, or AGRs. Collectively, they provide the country with nearly one fifth of its electricity.’


advanced gas-cooled reactor

/ədˌvanst ˌɡasko͞old rēˈaktər/