Definition of adulthood in US English:



  • The state or condition of being fully grown or mature.

    ‘the crucial years between adolescence and adulthood’
    ‘most of the larvae die, although some survive to adulthood’
    • ‘He is your typical kid on the verge of adulthood.’
    • ‘Throughout adulthood, autonomy continues to develop whenever someone is challenged to act with a new level of self-reliance.’
    • ‘These scenes showcase the array of playthings abandoned by today's children in their rush to adulthood.’
    • ‘Under such circumstances, his survival into adulthood was by no means unremarkable.’
    • ‘In many cases, the symptoms reduce as the child develops into adulthood and may almost disappear.’
    • ‘Once adulthood is reached, everyone has a fairly steady rate of calorie burn-up, called the metabolic rate.’
    • ‘The shadow is the fear of moving from childhood to adulthood.’
    • ‘Fewer than 10 percent of monarch caterpillars make it to adulthood each year.’
    • ‘As you put on weight in adulthood, you gain mostly fatty tissue.’
    • ‘His mother took care of her nine children, only six of whom survived into adulthood.’