Definition of adrenalized in English:



  • 1Affected with adrenaline.

    • ‘My booksack is beside my right hip and, still tired and angry, yet adrenalized, I open it and pull out my only assignment, chemistry.’
    • ‘It was only as they were hurrying back to their respective homes that night did they become themselves again - two adrenalized teenagers who felt as if they had conquered the world in an hour.’
    • ‘The sensible thing to do would have been to kick him in the ribs, I was furiously angry, I was beside myself furious, adrenalised to the max.’
    • ‘He jumped, hurling his adrenalised body left onto the pavement.’
    • ‘All this in a few seconds and as suddenly as it started it finished and I leapt out of bed, grabbing my glasses and running into the hallway, more adrenalised than scared.’
    1. 1.1informal Excited, charged, or tense.
      ‘they possess an adrenalized vigor that distinguishes them from other bands’
      • ‘I could go on but all I seem to remember the adrenalized racket of guitars scraping my eardrums.’
      • ‘It may be the most adrenalized sequence in all of contemporary cinema.’
      • ‘This was big-budget American action cinema at its burliest - an adrenalized blur of gunfire, squealing tires and screaming faces.’
      • ‘Together they are an unmissable combination and ‘Pretty Bones’ sends adrenalised rushes of excitement through everyone's body.’
      • ‘Just that instant of anticipation, the realization of what was about to happen, was an adrenalized buzz.’
      • ‘This 2001 set comes closest to capturing their kinetic, adrenalised live synergy.’
      • ‘The end result is an amazing 45 minutes of pure, adrenalized musical bliss - sloppy playing and all.’
      • ‘Like their fellow citizens Plastilina Mosh and Café Tacuba, Kinky are polymorphous postmodernists with one foot in experimental art and the other in adrenalized dance.’
      • ‘The purpose of these tracks would seem to be for adrenalized action, but it merely serves to dominate the game's aural aspect.’
      • ‘The emergency room is an urgently adrenalized place where everybody fights to find patchwork solutions to problems, leaving the long-term consequences for the patients to another day.’
      • ‘Petronio transforms these time-tested techniques into his singular brand of adrenalized, edgy dance.’
      • ‘Sailors from Australia and New Zealand have been hooked for decades on the adrenalized thrills of skiff sailing - a sport in which two- or three-person boats fly ridiculous amounts of sail on shallow, lightning-fast hulls.’