Definition of Admiral of the Fleet in US English:

Admiral of the Fleet


  • The highest rank of admiral in the Royal Navy.

    Compare with Fleet Admiral
    • ‘After the funeral, Ken was officially appointed as the new Admiral of the Fleet, though still in command of his previous forces.’
    • ‘In 1919, Beatty was appointed Admiral of the Fleet - a post he held until 1927.’
    • ‘I cannot see any objection to them serving on H.M. ships where they are qualified and needed, or, if their virtues so deserve, rising to Admirals of the Fleet.’
    • ‘He was subsequently appointed Admiral of the Sea Cadet Corps - a position now held by his middle son - Admiral of the Fleet and Captain General of the Royal Marines.’
    • ‘The Navy gave the last sailor to fight in both world wars a funeral befitting an Admiral of the Fleet.’
    • ‘The new exhibition hall, shaped like a submarine and named after the late Admiral of the Fleet Sir John Fieldhouse, is due to open in July next year.’
    • ‘Prince Philip's uncle was an Admiral of the Fleet, former Viceroy of India and a Second World War hero who had survived having a ship blown up beneath him.’
    • ‘The result recognises his outstanding professional excellence in joint military operations and he was presented with the SEMA Group Prize for Best Student by Admiral of the Fleet Sir Julian Oswald.’
    • ‘It is named in honour of the Right Honourable Terrence Lewin, who served in the navy for 43 years-rising to become Admiral of the Fleet and Chief of Defence Staff.’
    • ‘Existing buildings to be used by some of the Fleet staff have been renamed to honour the late and much-loved Admiral of the Fleet Lord Fieldhouse and Maj Gen Sir Jeremy Moore.’
    • ‘The Queen, in her role as Lord High Admiral of the United Kingdom, and the Admiral of the Fleet, reviewed the flotilla which included warships, tall ships and representatives from the maritime industry.’
    • ‘As my uncle, Admiral of the Fleet, Sir Honorious Dimpler, once said, ‘Britain is an island, and we must be capable of keeping the sealanes open, or we shall surely perish.’’
    • ‘His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, in his role as Admiral of the Fleet, will review the assembled ships from the hydrographic ship Melville.’
    • ‘The Henry Leach Building is named in honour of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry Leach, who was the First Sea Lord during the Falklands Conflict in 1982.’
    • ‘Her late cousin, Sir William Staveley, was an Admiral of the Fleet.’
    • ‘Beneath an overcast sky, and in a biting wind, over 400 officers, ratings and WRNS paraded for inspection by Admiral of the Fleet Lord Tovey.’
    • ‘The building takes its name from the late Admiral of the Fleet, Lord Fieldhouse of Gosport, the hugely popular submariner who rose to Chief of Defence Staff.’


Admiral of the Fleet

/ˈædm(ə)rəl əv/