Definition of administratively in US English:



  • In a way that relates to the running of a business, organization, etc.

    ‘the country is divided administratively into fourteen zones’
    • ‘He went on to establish the first administratively autonomous department of medical psychology in the United States.’
    • ‘The suspension and subsequent restoration of the credit were administratively difficult.’
    • ‘The humanities were once divided administratively and intellectually into discrete disciplines, but they are no longer treated as separate fields of study.’
    • ‘History suggests that unifying the archipelago administratively can only be done by the use of force.’
    • ‘Administratively, the club also must be designed for growth.’
    • ‘The city was then divided administratively into four regions, without regard for the boundaries of the former six municipalities.’
    • ‘All the residents of the island are administratively French citizens.’
    • ‘The island is closer to Tunisia than to the southern coast of Sicily, to which it belongs administratively.’
    • ‘Two administratively distinct bodies of tax officials had responsibilities for the country's income tax.’
    • ‘He launched numerous attempts to introduce reforms administratively.’