Definition of administrative in English:



  • Relating to the running of a business, organization, etc.

    ‘administrative problems’
    ‘administrative staff’
    • ‘A sophisticated administrative apparatus was in itself no guarantee of successful rule.’
    • ‘The memorandum repeated and amplified the point about administrative simplification.’
    • ‘Further resources may be required, including administrative staff and rooms.’
    • ‘The committees are assisted by between three and ten administrative staff.’
    • ‘In fact there is little evidence that the political and administrative class was much better prepared.’
    • ‘Both developments will bring an influx of hundreds of office workers and administrative staff.’
    • ‘His tactical skill was matched by administrative and organizational ability.’
    • ‘The final part of the administrative organization is the Head of Division or Unit.’
    • ‘There is a very high turnover of administrative staff in the Tribunal office in my region.’
    • ‘Apart from administrative staff he will ultimately need about six researchers.’
    • ‘In all four areas, government seemed to consist chiefly of administrative controls.’
    • ‘The report included another case, where an administrative slip led to a man losing his business.’
    • ‘It is as ridiculous as the other opinion that the higher administrative staff must be changed every so often.’
    • ‘The nursery is housed in the building where the administrative staff were once based.’
    • ‘Other team members include dealer Muriel Kale and three administrative and support staff.’
    • ‘Today, Canmore is the administrative centre for government services in the Bow Corridor.’
    • ‘She said her new role would be a more managerial and administrative one.’
    • ‘Research freedom is also tied to teaching which is also tied to administrative duties.’
    • ‘Laws governing medical insurance have also placed added administrative burdens on doctors.’
    • ‘It was not classed as such under domestic law and was vested in administrative, not criminal, courts.’
    managerial, management, directorial, directing, executive, organizational, controlling, governmental, supervisory, regulatory
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Mid 18th century: from Latin administrativus, from administrat- ‘managed’, from the verb administrare (see administrate).