Definition of admeasure in US English:



  • 1with object To measure, make measurement of. In later use chiefly: specifically to make formal measurement of (a ship) in order to determine its capacity or tonnage.

  • 2no object With complement. To be of a specified capacity, tonnage, size, etc.; to have an admeasurement of a specified weight or magnitude.

  • 3with object Chiefly Law. To assign or allot (something) to each person according to his or her due share; to apportion. Also: to allot or measure out the stipulated or agreed share of something to (someone).


Middle English (in an earlier sense). From Anglo-Norman and Middle French admesurer, amesurer to moderate (late 12th cent. or earlier in Anglo-Norman; also (reflexively) to show moderation), to measure, assess (dower, pasture, etc.), to consider, to allocate, apportion, to make measurement of from post-classical Latin admensurare to measure out, to allot, to assess, to moderate, restrict, to apportion, to measure from classical Latin ad- + mensūrāre.