Definition of Adlerian in US English:



  • Relating to or influenced by Alfred Adler's theories of psychotherapy, especially his views that society and culture were significant factors in the formation of an individual's personality.

    ‘recent studies of Adlerian and social learning approaches’
    • ‘This list of questions was frequently offered to clients at the beginning of Adlerian brief therapy.’
    • ‘Currently I am planning training workshops for clinicians in the field of chemical dependency who may be interested in learning more about Adlerian principles and therapeutic techniques.’
    • ‘She is a classical Adlerian psychotherapist in San Francisco.’
    • ‘They reviewed 62 outcome studies of parent training: 24 Parent Effectiveness Training, 18 social learning, and 20 Adlerian.’
    • ‘Remember the primary drive for the ego from the Adlerian perspective was to overcome a fundamental sense of inferiority derived from childhood experiences.’


  • A follower of Alfred Adler or his methods.

    ‘he not only studied with Adler but identified himself as an Adlerian’
    • ‘He took courses by Adler and joined the Adlerians at the Cafe Shiller for lengthy discussions on Adlerian Psychology.’
    • ‘He was another Adlerian who had studied with Adler in Europe.’
    • ‘She considers herself a classical Adlerian, and studied with Alfred Adler from 1935 to 1936.’
    • ‘Though he speaks highly of Adler and cites his work, the psychologist doesn't identify himself primarily as an Adlerian.’
    • ‘As with most Adlerians, she illustrated her teaching with metaphors and stories.’