Definition of adjustable-rate in English:



  • Denoting or relating to a mortgage or other loan with an interest rate that may be changed in response to economic conditions.

    ‘more borrowers had been opting for adjustable-rate mortgages’
    • ‘It is rational for the person out in California to buy a home and to take the adjustable rate mortgage.’
    • ‘What will happen to all these people with adjustable rate mortgages that can not afford for their payment to go up?’
    • ‘Greenspan told consumers to get adjustable rate mortgages as interest rates were hitting 45 year lows.’
    • ‘Yet the impact of the higher interest rates seems to have been cushioned by a surge in the demand for adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs).’
    • ‘Compare interest rates to see if an adjustable rate mortgage is a better financial fit.’
    • ‘A monthly adjustable rate mortgage begins with a lower interest rate than the annual rate mortgage and adjusts each month.’
    • ‘Long-term interest rates are rising, increasing the amount of discretionary income the average consumer has to pay on his adjustable rate mortgage or credit cards.’
    • ‘Hinson recommends they apply for a five-year adjustable rate mortgage because they intend to move into another home in less than five years.’
    • ‘With an adjustable rate mortgage, you leave yourself open to interest rate volatility.’
    • ‘That - and the rising interest rate environment putting pressure on adjustable rate mortgages - could result in more mortgage defaults.’
    • ‘These are the most sensitive mortgages, one year adjustable rate mortgages, in fact, that's where you would see the impact.’
    • ‘The many homeowners who have taken out adjustable rate mortgages will be particularly affected.’
    • ‘They could always borrow more, of course, or opt for an adjustable rate mortgage to try to keep payments down.’
    • ‘Another option, a five-year adjustable rate mortgage, would start with a lower interest rate - thus giving them lower payments.’
    • ‘If you currently have an adjustable rate mortgage, take a hard look at securing longer term financing.’
    • ‘Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said Monday that many people are paying more for their homes than they need to by choosing fixed rate mortgages over adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs).’
    • ‘As rates climb and the housing market cools, it may be time to ditch your adjustable rate mortgage.’
    • ‘For example, if you have a two-year adjustable rate mortgage with a prepayment penalty that lasts up to 36 months, after the 24-month fixed period, the loan may adjust to a higher rate.’
    • ‘There are many types of loans potential homeowners can choose from other than the traditional 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage and the adjustable rate mortgage that increases or decreases each year.’
    • ‘With interest rates set to start climbing, it's time to pay off your credit cards and create a financial cushion to help you keep up with your adjustable rate mortgage.’