Definition of adjacent in English:



  • 1Next to or adjoining something else.

    ‘adjacent rooms’
    ‘the area adjacent to the fire station’
    • ‘She turned and saw that there were doors that were adjacent to the room next door.’
    • ‘They invite you to get up and visit the wine room adjacent to the dining room.’
    • ‘Attached to the bedroom was a small comfy washroom, and adjacent to the living room was a kitchen.’
    • ‘The filling station adjacent to the show rooms will not be disturbed during the building works.’
    • ‘The blond man's study, he was vexed to learn, was locked, but the room adjacent to it was not.’
    • ‘He nodded and slipped back into the bathroom adjacent to his room, presumably to spit.’
    • ‘We went to a room adjacent to the main hall, and as we walked in, a detainee was led out with fresh blood around his nose.’
    • ‘Walking in further she found the bathroom was adjacent to the dressing room.’
    • ‘The nurse who had just walked in to access the equipment room adjacent to the waiting room sensed the tension.’
    • ‘Clive and his friends brought the equipment down from their second floor apartment and set up in the room adjacent to the rec room.’
    • ‘The first morning I stopped abruptly when I heard a squealing pack of rats in a room adjacent to ours.’
    • ‘He kept the prototype in the laundry room, which was adjacent to my bedroom in the basement.’
    • ‘The new pergola is adjacent to the dining room and is easily accessible through French doors.’
    • ‘Doors zipping up and down, the ship appeared to only have one deck, and each room was adjacent to the other.’
    • ‘This maneuver served only to strengthen our resolve and we booked a meeting room in a hotel adjacent to the convention site.’
    • ‘He walked towards the cave exit, which was directly adjacent to the room in which he had slept.’
    • ‘He pulled me into the other bathroom, adjacent to Joel's room and locked both doors.’
    • ‘She stayed in her room on the first floor or in her office adjacent to her room.’
    • ‘Finding the public quarters, Viridian and David enter an empty room adjacent to it.’
    • ‘The accommodation is competed by a self-contained unit adjacent to the dining room.’
    adjoining, next door to, abutting, close to, near to, next to, by, close by, by the side of, beside, alongside, abreast of, contiguous with, proximate to, attached to, touching, joining
    cheek by jowl with
    conjoining, approximate to, vicinal
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  • 2Geometry
    (of angles) having a common vertex and a common side.

    • ‘At each vertex we consider the angles formed on the adjacent faces at that corner.’


Late Middle English: from Latin adjacent- lying near to from adjacere, from ad- to + jacere lie down.