Definition of adieu in English:



  • Goodbye.

    • ‘And believe it or not, it's ciao, adieu and a big, fat ‘cheerio, babe!’’
    • ‘One of the most subtly poignant scenes in the film's the ghost's aching farewell: ‘adieu, adieu, remember me.’’
    • ‘I'm somewhat rattling on - adieu, and very good post Mr. Johnson!’
    • ‘If sight and shape be true, why then, my love adieu!’
    • ‘In other words, it's impossible to adapt anymore, so adieu.’
    • ‘Let sentimental tears give way to sensible adieu.’
    • ‘However, it could be au revoir rather than adieu to scary Sandra.’
    • ‘I shall return presently with trans-Tasman tales of fun, frolics and fermented beverages… adieu!’
    • ‘You came when times were hard and labourers were few; you leave with our gratitude, our blessings and adieu.’
    farewell, adieu
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  • A goodbye.

    ‘he whispered a fond adieu’
    ‘they bade us all adieu’
    • ‘As per the information received, Kulkarni exited yesterday amid emotional adieus that came as a shock to many.’
    • ‘While the invitees were taken in the same coaches back to the capital, the children formed a ‘human train’ from their coach to the other rakes to thank them and bid adieu.’
    • ‘With what better sentiment can I bid you all adieu?’
    • ‘Before bidding her adieu, I said, ‘Saroja, you are dreaming of Utopia.’’
    • ‘After an hour and 15 minutes of non-stop rhythm, it was time to bid adieu.’
    • ‘After watching him lose that my friends and I treated him to breakfast (he tipped the waitress his last dollar) and bid him adieu.’
    • ‘This little bit of nothing has been my best friend during those years and it's with a sad and tear-filled heart (tearful just doesn't work in that sentence) that I must bid adieu.’
    • ‘Lifelong colleague and friend Maurice Bejart sent his adieux with the lighthearted and didactic La Barre, a celebration of hard work and discipline.’
    • ‘Connie, Larry and I bid our adieus and took an an early evening bar hop down Christopher Street, which included smart drinks at The Monster, Stonewall, The Hangar and Ty's.’
    • ‘What better a way to spend a cold winter night than in front of the computer with a bottle of Scotch and box of Kleenex writing gushing adieus to those you love?’
    • ‘Anyway, it's very late, I'm very tired and very sick so I shall bid you all adieu!’
    • ‘Charles Jenkins concluded: ‘Ultimately he loved Europe and not only for its wagon-lits (railway sleeping cars) and that is why I end by saying adieu.’’
    • ‘Here she was at thirty-eight, beautiful and admired; and all that she seemed to have got from her lovers were approaches and adieus.’
    • ‘Also on the 23rd, oddball underground rapper NerdX will bid his adieus and release his latest recording at the Carpenter's Union Hall in Kensington.’
    • ‘In Wadowice, where the Pope was born Karol Wojtyla on May 18, 1920, more than 20,000 people gathered to bid him adieu.’
    • ‘On this occasion it is to Henry the parliamentarian that we are bidding adieu, as he is dislodged from his Central Fife fiefdom by an ungrateful Labour movement.’
    farewell, adieu
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Late Middle English: from Old French, from à to + Dieu God; compare with adios.