Definition of Adélie penguin in US English:

Adélie penguin


  • A gregarious and territorial penguin of Antarctica, perhaps the most familiar of all the penguins. The adults have a distinctive white ring around the eye.

    Pygoscelis adeliae, family Spheniscidae

    • ‘In 2001 a large iceberg broke from Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf, drifting to an area with large concentrations of Adélie penguin colonies.’
    • ‘While some damage has occurred, an eight-year study by the National Science Foundation found no effect on the Adélie penguin population.’
    • ‘‘We've predicted that the Adélie penguin will soon be locally extinct,’ Fraser, of the Polar Oceans Research Group, said.’
    • ‘The researchers examined well-preserved bones of Adélie penguins found in Antarctica and compared them to the birds’ living descendants.’
    • ‘The total migration for the Adélie penguins from their wintering area is on the order of several hundred miles, much of which they cover by swimming.’


Adélie penguin

/əˈdālē ˌpeNGɡwin/