Definition of address book in US English:

address book


  • 1A book for recording the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of friends, businesses, etc.

    • ‘He put the phone down, sighed, and reached for his address book.’
    • ‘The reunion includes those who graduated from St Ursula's in 1974, so get your thinking caps on and root out your old address books!’
    • ‘Nick has convinced Helena to go home with him to get her address book, which was somehow missing from her purse.’
    • ‘On 7th September, the appellant was arrested and cautioned, his house was searched and cash of £ 7130 was found in varying amounts; also two mobile telephones and a pager; an address book; Santander holiday receipts and a Spanish phrase book.’
    • ‘In one, a heap of old journals, calendars, and address books, yellowed with age, were piled in a Plexiglas vitrine.’
    • ‘Colorbok's line of accessories now hitting stores includes mini photo albums, mini frame magnets and key rings, address books, photo journals and plush novelty items such as photo pillows and flowers.’
    • ‘Desks were rifled, diaries were read and address books photocopied so that the information could then be transferred to BAE.’
    • ‘Having left her address book at the office, Sue called next door to get my telephone number.’
    • ‘I managed to do a bit of work on Monday before going to my parents' house - while I'd been away they'd been through my address book and organised a party.’
    • ‘I looked up Cecilia's phone number in my red address book and dialed the number.’
    • ‘They searched her bag and found the names and phone numbers of former security chiefs in her address book.’
    • ‘Paper address books can be lost - even newspaper reporters have been known to do this.’
    • ‘I grabbed the phone, flipped through the address book, and called the only person who could possibly help me.’
    • ‘I just kept the wonderful black and gold address book in its pristine condition as a souvenir.’
    • ‘Dress up your mother's worn address book with a cover of synthetic leather or suede.’
    • ‘Over the next few months, we can expect to see...a women's clothing line by Cultura and leather-bound address books by Italian stationary designers Campo Marzio Penne.’
    1. 1.1 A facility on a computer or mobile phone which allows a user to store details of their personal contacts.
      • ‘When prompted, you either say the phone number or speak the name of someone in the phone's address book.’
      • ‘After transferring your current address book to your new email client, remember to delete all the addresses from your Outlook address book as an extra precaution.’
      • ‘Back then I thought the notion was a good one, and I even uploaded my own address book to the Internet so I could surf my contacts from my phone.’
      • ‘But there's also a free, Web-only package that includes an email account, an address book, a calendar, and more.’
      • ‘If users run the attachment, it forwards the virus onto everyone in the Windows address book.’
      • ‘This paved the way for e-mail viruses, like Melissa and LoveBug, that automatically spread to people in the victims' address books.’
      • ‘Viruses and worms can even spread by sending themselves out via email to the names listed in the email address books of infected computers.’
      • ‘For example, there are several free software programs that will connect your PalmPilot to a Linux computer and synchronize your address books.’
      • ‘The service lets you keep a complete address book online, and you can search your email by key phrase.’
      • ‘Add a tool bar so you can phone someone who emailed you by a single click (if you have their phone number in your address book).’
      • ‘Many viruses propagate by using the e-mail addresses stored in a user's address book.’
      • ‘Finally, you can start typing a name, and matching address book entries pop up.’
      • ‘My Dad would be much better served with a simple cell phone with an address book of frequently called numbers & caller ID.’
      • ‘You can import all of your address book from Outlook with a couple of clicks and from other email programs as well.’
      • ‘Often feeling overwhelmed by the number of names, most people don't spend enough time developing relationships with all the contacts they've stored away in their electronic address books.’
      • ‘The idea is that you store the word "ICE" in your mobile phone address book, and against it enter the number of the person you would want to be contacted "In Case of Emergency".’
      • ‘You used to need a PC if you wanted to log your appointments, maintain an address book, track your stock portfolio and calculate your income taxes.’