Definition of addlebrained in US English:


(also addleheaded, addlepated)


  • Mentally muddled or lacking in common sense; confused, irrational.

    ‘he made the addlebrained decision to install an uncertain rookie at point guard’
    • ‘Let me just point out that even addlebrained as he is, Theodore is still a gentleman.’
    • ‘Was this addlebrained twit asking you to loan her a knife & then go back to using that same knife - ON FOOD?’
    • ‘It's an eponym named for the addlebrained literary character, Mrs. Malaprop.’
    • ‘Making her talking-picture debut in 1933's When Ladies Meet, Brady rapidly became one of Hollywood's most prolific portrayers of addlebrained society matrons and world-weary matriarchs.’
    • ‘The ‘sleigh ride’ my friend and I took yesterday evening in a pontoon boat on Lake Merritt was pleasantly addlebrained.’
    • ‘Her addlebrained brother Governor Bellingham who can't see beyond the end of his nose is played by Dale Place.’
    • ‘The problem is that the hostess is just this side of addlebrained.’
    • ‘The actors who play them are spectacular, especially Bremner's addlebrained Spud and Carlyle's vicious Begbie.’
    • ‘It's a pose that should not be taken seriously, nothing more than addlebrained adolescents playing naughty dress-up, bored children looking for attention.’
    • ‘So brainwashing became a pejorative, and the phrase ‘you've been brainwashed,’ a term of reproach, as if the prisoner had become addlebrained, or a simpleton, during his captivity.’
    • ‘If proposing a remake is generally an addlebrained conceit, how ridiculous is it to suggest reworking a movie by one of the greatest filmmakers of all time?’
    • ‘There is a sense of wild abandon in this addlebrained flick.’
    • ‘Ray's really just an addlebrained pothead.’
    • ‘This man is an addlebrained and barely coherent rabble-rouser.’
    • ‘Fortunately, I decided to visit in February, when the chances of becoming addlebrained from the heat, anemic from the mosquito horde, or battered by a hurricane were mercifully low.’
    • ‘His voice was persuasive; it reached a person's soul without passing by way of his head, and even to a being as addlebrained as Big João, it seemed like a balm that healed old and terrible wounds.’