Definition of addendum in English:



  • 1An item of additional material, typically omissions, added at the end of a book or other publication.

    • ‘For the articles that appeared in the earlier edition, addenda include the new data that is available; only a handful of the original articles were rewritten.’
    • ‘When I get around to reading the book, perhaps I'll make a small addendum to this review.’
    • ‘Many of these excerpts have not previously been published, and they include a major addition to his literary corpus - a 52-page manuscript addendum to Nabokov's most important Russian novel, The Gift.’
    • ‘It had an addendum page printed in blue, with some late-breaking news.’
    • ‘Just a few months before his death on 29 June 1988, he wrote an addendum to his early essay ‘Two Theological Languages,’ which was being republished.’
    • ‘There are concluding addenda, appendices, and a thankfully comprehensive index.’
    • ‘He tackles his subject in six chapters supplemented by addenda from other scholars.’
    • ‘With most products, the crucial information on commission, which the IFA is required to reveal, comes as an addendum at the end of a 12-page document.’
    • ‘The cover has changed, the map of Egypt is missing, and additions and corrections have been placed as an addendum on page 205 instead of directly in the text.’
    • ‘But he added after pressure from Mr Gray: ‘We will be publishing those figures as a addendum by the end of March.’’
    • ‘At the end of the column, an addendum will list several royal recipes for you to try.’
    • ‘This addendum accomplishes several rhetorical tasks at once.’
    • ‘In addition, the paper comes with an on-line addendum of about 100 pages, although this is unfigured and largely concerns the cladistic analysis.’
    • ‘Would it help matters if I published your addendum?’
    • ‘He welcomes any professional updates or addenda to his primer.’
    • ‘These texts, along with genealogical charts, photographs of manuscript leaves, and other useful addenda add to the overall scholarly nature of the collection.’
    • ‘Ashley emailed me this morning with a list of errata and addenda.’
    • ‘If I source one in the future, I will publish an addendum to this review.’
    • ‘For those of you who haven't read the Act itself, the document is a fragmented mess of addenda, revisions, and additions to the U.S. Civil Code.’
    • ‘This section is little more than an addendum to the rest of the book and would not be missed.’
    appendix, codicil, postscript, afterword, tailpiece, rider, coda, supplement, accompaniment
    adjunct, appendage, addition, add-on, attachment, extension
    postlude, subscript, allonge
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  • 2Engineering
    The radial distance from the pitch circle of a cogwheel, worm wheel, etc., to the crests of the teeth or ridges.

    Compare with dedendum


Late 17th century: Latin, that which is to be added gerundive of addere (see add).