Definition of adbot in US English:



  • A computer program that caches advertising on personal computers from an Internet-connected server and then displays the advertising when certain linked programs are being used.

    • ‘Secondly, I knew that sooner or later the adbots would find the forum and I'd have to close it down anyway.’
    • ‘When you reconnect to the Internet, the adbot sends what is called a ‘backchannel report’ detailing which banners were displayed.’
    • ‘If you have a couple of adbots loaded onto your computer, you usually won't experience many problems.’
    • ‘Many programs that surreptitiously access the Internet - such as ‘adbots’ - go undetected by users.’
    • ‘This is primarily for advertising purposes and some adbots will also retrieve and display ads on your system based on the information that they have sent out.’


Blend of ad(vertising) and (ro)bot.