Definition of activewear in English:



  • Clothing designed to be worn for sports, exercise, and outdoor activities.

    • ‘In effort to keep up with vintage starving fashionistas, European designers and activewear manufacturers are ‘reissuing ‘their old styles in limited editions.’’
    • ‘The smallest unit is men's and boys' activewear.’
    • ‘The firm expects to apply the technology to skiing-, cycling- and activewear - part of the $41 billion performance-apparel market.’
    • ‘If the shirts sold well, they would launch a full menswear collection to include suits, trousers, outerwear, activewear, denim, and accessories.’
    • ‘The two-story office building also serves as home base to the firm's retail catalog division that offers dance-fitness clothing, activewear, videos, accessories and other merchandise.’
    • ‘Based on that experience, the company was awarded the license to produce men's activewear in '98, and today does about $25 million in annual sales.’
    • ‘The buyout follows a licensing deal that was landed late last year for activewear for men and sportswear for young men and juniors.’
    • ‘Davidson wants stylish activewear carefully designed for women's bodies.’
    • ‘The company is a leader in the activewear, casualwear, imprintables and team uniform business.’
    • ‘In fabrics that were popular for both activewear and sportswear, the Switzerland-based firm showed a new group of textiles made of high-tech aramid fibers, which are tougher than steel.’
    • ‘The firm offers printed fabrics for swimwear, intimate apparel, dresses, sportswear and activewear, with an emphasis on stretch Lycra knits and rayon and polyester-based wovens.’
    • ‘Basically, you go through the categories, and it can be very specific: activewear, bottoms, tops, etc.’
    • ‘The business is transforming, and activewear is become a much broader category, and beginning to include more outdoor and urban looks.’
    • ‘Since the height of his competitive days, Koch's greatest public visibility has been in relation to his line of single-layer ski and cold weather activewear.’
    • ‘Because the activewear market is so fragmented, execs figure they can double apparel revenues to $6 billion in five years.’
    • ‘This new round of embellishment is not confined to evening gowns and bridal wear, but is going into all areas of apparel, including activewear and sportswear.’
    • ‘Also on a positive note, Eberhardt reminds that there is a large activewear market in the Los Angeles area, ‘where styles are changing so quickly that you just can't schedule [the production] in another country.’
    • ‘He jumped into the fashion world in 1992, introducing urban-culture-inspired sportswear, outerwear, activewear, underwear, loungewear, fragrances and accessories.’
    • ‘The factories primarily produce athletic activewear made of warp knits and hunting apparel made of the company's proprietary warp knit fabric.’
    • ‘The Los Angeles industry has been very successful in the juniors and activewear markets, especially in the budget price point and moderate price point categories.’