Definition of active barrier in English:

active barrier


  • 1A barrier that allows passage of defined agents while preventing or impeding others, in particular.

    • ‘Furthermore, such active barriers are expensive and add equipment and design cost to the system.’
    • ‘This was done to best assess the positioning of the future bank of permanent, active barriers.’
    • ‘The following diagrams showing crash performance data for a variety of passive and active barriers.’
    • ‘If you're not sure, then use an active barrier.’
    • ‘In the past, there were active barriers that filtered out people of a certain race or gender.’
    1. 1.1A security barrier that responds to attempted entries with sensors or personnel.
      • ‘The active barrier will be placed as a protection of the terrace of the experimental house to demonstrate the possibility to control an outdoor space.’
      • ‘The combined structure is designed as a single active barrier system which is simple and cheap to install.’
      • ‘This technology takes active barrier structures into the 21st century of perimeter detection systems’
      • ‘Security improvements to perimeter fencing and gates include sentry booths, pass office, truck inspection station, inspection canopy, passive barriers, active barriers, emergency generators, and site lighting.’
    2. 1.2A physical or chemical barrier that intercepts contaminants, debris, or other unwanted substances.
      • ‘And what it does is it's an active barrier in the sense that it swells when moisture migrates into it and seals.’
      • ‘Whereas the salivary gland and hindgut were active barriers in the parent Sg-SC and most of the hybrids tested, other hybrids were identified with single barriers.’
      • ‘This layer behaves as an active barrier that prevents the interfacial reactions between the aluminium and the silicon carbide and that have a detrimental effect on the material properties.’
      • ‘The passive barriers which have been tested include water trough barriers, stone dust barriers, and dispersed barriers and the active barriers include gas and a mixture of gas and water.’
      • ‘There is a need for an active barrier system that will provide localized immunosuppression in the surrounding environment, thus, enhancing tolerance of the grafted tissue.’
      • ‘The biologically active barrier is set up vertical to the groundwater flow direction according to the flow characteristics and main contaminant concentration of the groundwater.’