Definition of activator in US English:



  • See activate

    • ‘They may also serve as upstream activators of the protein kinase C, which is involved in cell wall biosynthesis.’
    • ‘In the midst of secret button activators, underground hidden keypads, and sliding walls, a lift, the ultimate sign of normalcy, was a welcoming change.’
    • ‘Repressors stifle gene expression by blocking the binding of activators, interfering with their recruiting efforts, or smothering the DNA in more protein.’
    • ‘You're a kick in the pants, an inspirer, an activator - people love being friends with you because you're full of energy and fun ideas.’
    • ‘Those 21 strains that grew on AT in the presence of LexA were rejected because the suppression could have been due to mutations that potentiate weak activators.’