Definition of acropetal in English:



  • 1(of growth or development) upward from the base or point of attachment.

    The opposite of basipetal
    • ‘The Alismataceae have acropetal leaf development.’
    • ‘These features might be partly associated with the acropetal development of the terminal inflorescence.’
    • ‘On average, an inflorescence developed 166 • 21 53 • 31 flowers that opened in acropetal order.’
    • ‘Similarly, meristem activities in the same acropetal sequence or on the whole-root-system architecture have not yet been compared.’
    • ‘Sepal initiation began on the basal lateral flower and continued in an acropetal direction until all floral meristems had completed sepal initiation.’
    1. 1.1(of the movement of dissolved substances) outward toward the shoot and root apexes.
      • ‘Xylem flow carries the transpiration stream and is normally entirely acropetal.’
      • ‘In every case, the basipetal movement was greater than the acropetal movement.’
      • ‘It is not clear whether this acropetal increase of flower meristem identity is related to the acropetal loss of the SD suppression.’


Late 19th century: from Greek akron tip + Latin petere seek.