Definition of acquisitiveness in US English:



  • Excessive interest in acquiring money or material things.

    ‘a culture of acquisitiveness permeated his administration’
    • ‘Christmas now seems to me to be the designated place where acquisitiveness runs full face into the problem of morality in childrearing.’
    • ‘For those entering the workforce, acquisitiveness and competition too frequently eclipse other philosophical and religious values, including that of the greater good.’
    • ‘And yet the picture represents the horse precisely as an English acquisition, as a sign of his aristocratic English owner's good taste and imperial acquisitiveness.’
    • ‘But capitalism does not reward compassion and cooperation; it is driven by acquisitiveness and individualism.’
    • ‘Yet this lack of acquisitiveness, this disregard for hoarding, has earned indigenous communities sobriquets like ‘uncivilized’ or ‘primitive’.’
    greed, greediness, covetousness, cupidity, possessiveness, grasping, graspingness, grabbing, avarice, avidity, predatoriness, rapaciousness, rapacity, voracity, voraciousness, mercenariness, materialism
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