Definition of acquiescence in English:



  • The reluctant acceptance of something without protest.

    ‘in silent acquiescence, she rose to her feet’
    • ‘Nothing less than complete acquiescence is acceptable within this church of political correctness.’
    • ‘In cases of this type, the customer's failure to object to the respective entry is considered acquiescence in the charge so made.’
    • ‘What is much more alarming is the apparent acquiescence - even complicity - of the nation in its own enslavement.’
    • ‘Overall, European acquiescence in the campaign can be taken for granted.’
    • ‘Her mental maturity takes her from blind submission to condescending acquiescence.’
    permit, consent to, agree to, allow, assent to, give one's consent to, accept, concur with, give one's assent to, give one's blessing to, say yes to, give the nod to, give one's approval to
    comply with, conform to, abide by, respect, stand by, cooperate with, tolerate, brook
    give in to, bow to, yield to, submit to
    go along with, give the go-ahead to, give the thumbs up to, ok, okay, give the green light to, say the word
    consent, agreement, acceptance, accession, concurrence, approval, seal of approval, approbation, assent, leave, permission, blessing, sanction
    compliance, conforming, conformity, adherence, respect, accord, accordance
    conceding, concession, deference, yielding, bowing, submission, surrender, obedience
    ok, say-so, go-ahead, green light, thumbs up, nod
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