Definition of acoustician in US English:



  • An expert in the branch of physics concerned with the properties of sound.

    • ‘He was a mixer, a musician, a singer, swinger and night owl; a restless tinkerer; an instinctive acoustician and a chain-smoking tube amp visionary.’
    • ‘Its new hall - built, at Rattle's demand, to the specifications of the world's foremost concert hall acoustician Russell Johnson - had the best sound in the land.’
    • ‘From the 1920s on, acousticians promoted fan-shaped concert halls, virtually free of reverberation.’
    • ‘You moved around and the instruments seemed to be coming from a live group…’ said architectural acoustician Dr. Leo L. Beranek.’
    • ‘A team of acousticians, psychologists, and musicians rigged a large pipe to produce 17 - Hz waves, which they played during selected contemporary music pieces being performed in a concert hall.’
    • ‘OC's 700 Series of glass fiber is a popular choice of acousticians because of its effectiveness, density and fire rating.’
    • ‘He's checking the work of the first consulting acoustician, who was hired to check the work of a company that has been designing ship interiors for 50 years.’
    • ‘Chicago-based acoustician Larry Kirkegaard, who designed the sound at Tanglewood's Ozawa Hall, has been given top billing.’
    • ‘In May, the acoustician ran a sound test involving brass and percussion instruments.’
    • ‘It is the acoustician's job to establish and implement acoustic goals for the facility - goals that support the function, aesthetics and budget.’
    • ‘‘The intention is not to raise the sound level,’ said Lawrence Kirkegaard, the architectural acoustician who supervised the installation.’
    • ‘The LeBlanc family set up the first full-time acoustical research laboratory for wind instruments in Paris and hired master acoustician Charles Houvenaghel.’
    • ‘Larry Kirkegaard, the chief acoustician for the Festival Hall, told The Times that the current acoustic experience was the equivalent of trying to speak while wearing headphones.’
    • ‘Soon after deciding to expand, Sloyer met studio designer / acoustician Martin Pilchner at an AES convention.’
    • ‘Working with acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota, the Gehry team constructed tenth-scale models of the hall to test sound performance.’
    • ‘Then I read this cool piece on, in which acousticians have analyzed Mayan tombs and found that they were designed to produce incredibly weird sound effects.’
    • ‘Often, when acousticians look at a room, the audio spectrum is divided into five critical bands, with the goal of making the decay time consistent across this spectrum.’
    • ‘The practice is not taken seriously by acousticians and its effectiveness in reinforcing the voice remains a matter of conjecture.’
    • ‘Boto's Brett Thoeny collaborated with acoustician George Augspurger on the overall design.’
    • ‘Here, the famed Mayan pyramid of Kukulcan, or Quetzelcoatl, is known for the way the solstices and equinoxes are reflected in its stones, but professional acoustician David Lubman has observed another aspect to its design.’