Definition of achingly in US English:



  • usually as submodifier In a way that arouses or expresses intense sorrow or longing.

    ‘the letters are achingly tender’
    ‘an achingly beautiful piece of music’
    • ‘He made a convincing transition from bored prince to a man in love, awakening his princess with an achingly tender kiss.’
    • ‘To my contemporary ears, the plea sounds achingly, foolishly optimistic.’
    • ‘It is dutifully cast with an achingly rich passion that these days seems strictly in short supply.’
    • ‘The doctor with his motherless sons, so full of promise in the beginning, is the one steady presence whose decline we achingly watch and empathize with.’
    • ‘Those who defended the judicial lynch are now celebrated by scholars in achingly correct modern English departments as "progressive thinkers."’
    • ‘The author does her justice in this highly readable, achingly honest portrait.’
    • ‘The adagio has a poignancy that is achingly beautiful.’
    • ‘This version of the achingly optimistic Broadway standard is well worth whatever sleuthing may be required to track it down.’
    • ‘Some scenes, such as their dance in a graveyard amid falling snow, are achingly beautiful.’
    • ‘He is startling in the role of Jed, an achingly vulnerable figure who is tenderhearted, sympathetic, yet still very dangerous.’