Definition of aching in US English:



  • 1Sore; throbbing with pain.

    ‘the cool air was a relief to my aching head’
    • ‘No other symptoms are usually present apart from occasional aching joints.’
    • ‘Some people may have a raised temperature, headaches and aching limbs.’
    • ‘When you have aching joints, nothing beats the soothing heat a microwave heat bag can deliver.’
    • ‘I lay on my back on the concrete floor and shook my aching head.’
    • ‘The primary symptom is a painful, aching shoulder of rather nondescript type.’
    • ‘What would I have given to have been with you, to have supported your aching head in my arms.’
    • ‘They told me my aching back would get no relief on the rugged road ahead.’
    • ‘Few things are a stronger motivation to get your thesis done than an aching back.’
    • ‘Wade, that aching right knee still apparently an issue, missed 10 of his 15 shots.’
    • ‘Be prepared for aching ribs Sunday morning.’
    • ‘I left Basel with aching feet, piles of business cards, a mild tan, and some inspiration.’
    • ‘I'm sure there's plenty of aching bodies across Kirklees after fantastic efforts by dozens of charity runners.’
    • ‘Feeling absolutely shattered we returned to our messy, near empty house lamenting the lack of soft furnishings to comfort our aching posteriors.’
    • ‘During those hard times, the poor quality food barely appeased my aching belly.’
    • ‘Late yesterday Graham started a sore throat and aching joints.’
    • ‘Behind the glamour there are tears and aching muscles.’
    painful, achy, sore, stiff, hurt, tender, uncomfortable, troublesome
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  • 2Feeling intense or wistful sadness; sorrowful.

    ‘an aching feeling of nostalgia’
    • ‘The cold really hurts, but there are moments of raw and aching beauty despite the harsh unforgiving environment.’
    • ‘There is an aching poignancy about Dermot Bolger's wonderfully lyrical ninth novel, 'The Family on Paradise Pier'.’
    • ‘Their 1967 double-A-side single "Penny Lane"/"Strawberry Fields Forever" transformed the nondescript streets of Liverpool suburbs into places of aching nostalgia.’
    • ‘Barely alive, with broken bones and an aching heart, he returned to Paradise.’
    • ‘The journey is nature's way of healing an aching heart.’
    • ‘Springtime is an aching, falsetto-gospel piano ballad, dedicated to the singer's late mother.’
    • ‘That aching need we had to talk to each other, to tell our stories, has diminished.’
    • ‘With their aching melancholy, these a cappella numbers for three voices are the perfect accompaniment to the understated drama unfolding in this dusty terrain.’
    • ‘He's been credited with creating an aching portrait of the fading American heartland, but Alexander Payne isn't all that excited by idle flattery.’
    sorrowful, sad, mournful, miserable, upset, distressed, anguished, heavy with grief, grief-stricken, wretched, heavy
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