Definition of achieve in English:



  • Successfully bring about or reach (a desired objective, level, or result) by effort, skill, or courage.

    ‘he achieved his ambition to become a journalist’
    [no object] ‘people striving to achieve’
    • ‘Such power can be put to use for achieving mundane objectives or spiritual advancement.’
    • ‘O'Neill has told his players that pretty football must be secondary to achieving the right result.’
    • ‘It's simple, it's to the point, there's a lightness of feel to it, and it achieves results.’
    • ‘It seems only ill health or a sudden lack of desire can stop him achieving his goal.’
    • ‘Why have the most expensive professionals in the game achieved such paltry results?’
    • ‘As a result, achieving any change in society is always an uphill and often thankless task.’
    • ‘In the Unland sculptures it is the unexpected combination of wood, thread and hair that achieves this effect.’
    • ‘He cannot be expected to achieve results by dint of enthusiasm and fresh ideas alone.’
    • ‘Either way achieves the objective of inserting a non-stick barrier between the laminate and the release paper.’
    • ‘I intend to do everything within my power to make sure that we achieve these objectives.’
    • ‘In most cases, as long as the worker achieves set targets, they will be left to their own devices.’
    • ‘We are achieving significant results in reducing crime and the fear of crime.’
    • ‘The report also said that the pupils had made good progress to achieve the test results.’
    • ‘The episode achieves its emotional effect without sentimentality and with intellectual integrity.’
    • ‘He is a progressive and modern farmer who achieves excellent results.’
    • ‘The left wing of the attack achieved its objectives but the right wing failed completely.’
    • ‘One of the ways the law aims to achieve these consequences is by banning certain actions.’
    • ‘Progress in achieving the objectives varied in line with fluctuations in the world economic cycle.’
    • ‘Sometimes the very act of trying to censor what reaches the public domain can backfire and achieves the reverse result to the one intended.’
    • ‘It's also important to have a strategy from the outset if you are to achieve your objective.’
    attain, reach, arrive at
    realize, carry off, bring off, pull off, bring about, accomplish, carry through, fulfil, execute, perform, engineer, carry out, bring to fruition, conclude, complete, finish, consummate
    earn, win, gain, find, establish, acquire, obtain, procure, come by, get, secure, clinch, seize, wrest, hook, net
    wrap up, polish off, bag, wangle, swing
    effectuate, reify
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Middle English (in the sense complete successfully): from Old French achever come or bring to a head from a chief to a head.