Definition of accumulator in US English:



  • 1A person or thing that accumulates something.

    ‘he's a voracious accumulator of economic facts and data’
    ‘rugs are the greatest accumulators of dust and dirt in every house’
    • ‘As braking takes place, energy is captured with the flow of oil from the low-pressure tank to the high-pressure accumulator.’
    • ‘The successful families were steady accumulators, buying when stocks were up and when they were down.’
    • ‘By far the largest area and biggest junk accumulator is generally the trunk.’
    • ‘A keen accumulator of money, he has always used the media for his own ends - without, it must be said, making a single enemy.’
    • ‘Solar radiation passing through the facade is absorbed by water-cooled ceiling panels and the energy transported through a heat exchanger to a heat accumulator.’
    • ‘US assets will need to get cheap enough or offer high enough yields to keep foreigners willing holders and accumulators of US assets.’
    • ‘Many negative attitudes still prevail about wealth and the wealthy - the great accumulators of capital.’
    • ‘But wealth accumulators aren't not just better off for it, they also feel better about their lives.’
    • ‘The innovative hybrid drive system used a hydraulic accumulator to store braking energy which was then recycled to launch the heavy truck up to 25 mph or so.’
    • ‘During the postflight inspection, we found a ruptured main-rotor hose, which made the accumulator lose all its hydraulic fluid, resulting in the system failure.’
    penny-pincher, pinchpenny, niggard, cheese-parer, scrooge
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  • 2Computing
    A register used to contain the results of an arithmetical or logical operation.

    • ‘High data protection and data integrity with ECC (error correction counters) in cache memory and accumulator memories.’
    • ‘Trying being the important part of the sentence - his laptop was by turns crashing and telling him the accumulator was empty.’
    • ‘This information in conjunction with steering logic and accumulator registers is used to control the steering and storing of the frame data as it passes through the DMAC to the transmit buffer or from the receive buffer.’
    • ‘24-bit MAC with a 56-bit accumulator with capabilities for double precision modes when necessary’