Definition of accompaniment in English:



  • 1A musical part that supports or partners a solo instrument, voice, or group.

    ‘she sang to a guitar accompaniment’
    ‘sonatas for piano with violin accompaniment’
    • ‘When students attempted to play the accompaniment to the artist's melody, they were hampered by not knowing the notes well enough.’
    • ‘But bear in mind that many people use a digital keyboard not to play sheet music but to add digital accompaniment to other instruments.’
    • ‘The special live feature for her Opera House performance was the inclusion of a violin and cello accompaniment to Orton's sweet and distinctive voice.’
    • ‘The songs, piano accompaniment and violin part are of an easy to moderate level of difficulty.’
    • ‘No one but Beth could get much music out of the old piano; but she had a way of softly touching the yellow keys, and making a pleasant accompaniment to the simple songs they sang.’
    • ‘Use guitar and some rhythm instruments as the accompaniment.’
    • ‘Varying the instrumental accompaniment can help avoid musical monotony.’
    • ‘Include and inspire younger siblings through clapping, responsive singing and simple accompaniments on rhythm instruments.’
    • ‘This is because when singing romances, a singer must rely only on his or her voice and the accompaniment of the piano and not on stage props.’
    • ‘The range of the custom-tuned baritone guitar means there's a bass accompaniment to the melody, and even the track ‘Ferry Cross the Mersey’ is delicious rather than out of place.’
    • ‘The earliest piano recordings, prior to 1910, were not very successful; most discs from this time employ the piano as an accompaniment to a vocalist.’
    • ‘The Royal Cliff house band provided the musical background and the accompaniment to ‘Happy Birthday’, sung by the little Isabel Kirschmann for her dear friend.’
    • ‘For the most part, Tosti's songs were written for voice with piano accompaniment, and both Carreras and Heppner have been fortunate to work with sensitive arrangers.’
    • ‘This is not necessarily a fault, as both composers saw the violin as an equal partner at best, and even described their earlier sonatas in this genre as works for piano with violin accompaniment.’
    • ‘Another time I demonstrated a new keyboard instrument capable of playing accompaniments from floppy disk to a group of flutists.’
    • ‘Some keyboard divertimentos have accompaniments for other instruments, as do many contemporary keyboard sonatas.’
    • ‘A couple of minutes later, voices struck up an accompaniment to the drumbeat.’
    • ‘This form of singing along with recorded orchestral accompaniment to popular songs began as entertainment in bars and has since spread overseas.’
    • ‘Headteacher, the late David Clough, and myself took the children for an outing on the famous line and we all went up and down the carriages singing the song with guitar accompaniment to smiling passengers.’
    • ‘Add Pedja Muzijevic's elegant and supportive piano accompaniment, and this is a Winterreise that repays an attentive ear and a watchful eye.’
    backing, support, background, soundtrack, comp
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    1. 1.1 A piece of music played to complement or as background to an activity.
      ‘lush string accompaniments to romantic scenes in movies’
      • ‘Music, that soul-stirring accompaniment for the men of arms.’
      • ‘Another first is the Bayou Cafe, a New Orleans-inspired Cajun and Creole eatery that features live jazz music accompaniment.’
      • ‘An 11-piece band graced the orchestra pit, very few touring companies can boast as many as that, and their accompaniment was very good.’
      • ‘I thought they'd be doing little dance routines with slap-bass accompaniment, but they are quite Dutch, calm and businesslike.’
      • ‘So, musicians make a better living, while balletomanes enjoy the status and the possibilities for collaborative fireworks that come only with live accompaniment.’
      • ‘Shining Star, which was favored with live accompaniment for its premiere, is the kind of romp at which the Alley dancers excel; Parsons posed no new challenges.’
      • ‘Aparicio is among the salsa writers who stress this music's importance as accompaniment to dance.’
      • ‘Like a lot of instrumental guitar music, Man On Stilts comes across, at first, as music accompaniment for a '60s spaghetti western.’
      • ‘AND WHAT ABOUT the dancers who train in studios that use recorded music and then transfer to one that uses only live accompaniment?’
      • ‘Dynamo will provide vigorous live accompaniment whilst the hot plates are sizzling and for delirious dessert, THE YOUNG PROFESSIONALS whip up a small hurricane.’
      • ‘There is even a tour of building sites with live music accompaniment.’
      • ‘Wuttichot's music teacher, Mr Chris, provided the musical accompaniment to the show, as well as introducing his Primary 3 recorder ensemble.’
      • ‘But it serves well as an accompaniment to dance for this luscious orientalist extravaganza and it is invaluable to have these three famous ballets brought together.’
      • ‘But to traditional people around the world, music is not background accompaniment to life-it is essential to life itself.’
      • ‘It is unfortunate that this awareness has come at a time when live accompaniment for dance remains very low in the priorities of funding agencies and corporate sponsors.’
      • ‘And the gallery of exploitation art is presented without accompaniment, meaning that you have to sit and watch the images unfurl in silence.’
      • ‘Notably, hip-hop is the dominant musical accompaniment to the leading fan dancing routines.’
      • ‘And speaking of the score, the Mondo films have some of the most beautiful, suggestive, and lush accompaniment ever produced.’
      • ‘As a result, myself, Andy Williams and DJ Kobal are providing the musical accompaniment to this evening of visual fun.’
      • ‘Classes 7 and 8 gave a musical accompaniment to the story, Grace's Journey about a girl in The Gambia.’
      backing, support, background, soundtrack, comp
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  • 2Something that is supplementary to or complements something else, typically food.

    ‘sugar snap peas make a delicious accompaniment for salmon’
    • ‘The meat wasn't as moist as it might have been, and the brie blended in so well that I wondered if there was actually any present, but the sauce was a gloriously tart accompaniment and the sweet potato rosti was cooked perfectly.’
    • ‘This means that instead of a flour-based gravy as accompaniment, pot-roast meat can be served with the cooking sauce that has miraculously thickened all by itself.’
    • ‘We chose sole in sole with anchovy sauce, served with boiled potatoes and a ratatouille-like vegetable accompaniment, plus steak with roquefort cheese sauce.’
    • ‘It was, however, an excellent accompaniment to the delicious Garlic Naan we tried.’
    • ‘Dessert - the creamy panna cotta was superb, with a contrasting marmalade-like bitter kumquat accompaniment.’
    • ‘The menu also includes a range of meals popular with children and the focus is on meals that are in themselves complete and require no accompaniment, such as potatoes or rice.’
    • ‘Choose one accompaniment for each cheese, and serve crackers and toasted sliced bread on the side.’
    • ‘The smell of a chocolate dessert came wafting from the kitchen and someone decided we had to order one to share even though the description of its cold foamy sauce accompaniment sounded unappealing.’
    • ‘The Pan con Tomate was your standard bread appetizer, but made a delicious accompaniment to the cheese and olives, which are a bit too intense without meatier companion.’
    • ‘You can get talked into it as a chic accompaniment to smoked salmon.’
    • ‘Usually we eat them as a meal on their own with a salad, but they also make a delicious accompaniment to roasted or grilled chicken or pork.’
    • ‘It was a dish I received with mixed feelings, because attractive and delightful as it was, with its rather delightful accompaniment of orange sauce and ice cream, I found it a tad undignified to eat.’
    • ‘The marinated squid salad, which Gill munched while I fulminated over my pesto, was big enough to feed a whole table, while the chilli oil was a subtle and sweet accompaniment.’
    • ‘The soup was robust and fruity, fun and flavorful; the steak was seasoned and cooked perfectly, the Bernaise sauce a wickedly sinful accompaniment.’
    • ‘Bea started off with a haggis clapshot, while I, having had my first choice nabbed, ordered an old favourite, deep-fried brie, with the novel twist of a strawberry coulis accompaniment.’
    • ‘Chicken pie on a bed of chow mein, half-rice half-chips in a curry sauce, and even battered cod with a sweet and sour accompaniment are all served with the essential salt and vinegar condiments.’
    • ‘A wonderful volume for vacation or leisure reading, this book is a perfect accompaniment to a day at the beach or an evening by the fireplace with a good cup of coffee.’
    • ‘The waiter did mention that this stew-like dish wasn't served with any accompaniment, and although it was satisfying I sort of missed rice or potatoes to round it out.’
    • ‘Early on, Anna teaches us how to craft sublime roast potatoes that would have Gary Rhodes chewing his toque, and a lemony sponge cake requiring nothing more than a dusting of sugar and a cup of strong coffee by way of accompaniment.’
    • ‘The famous old dessert wine, recommended by the chef, proved to be an inspired accompaniment, complementing the textures and flavours of the foie gras and the fruit beautifully.’
    complement, supplement, addition, adjunct, appendage, trimming, companion, accessory
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Early 18th century: from French accompagnement, from accompagner accompany.