Definition of acclimation in US English:



North American
  • See acclimate

    • ‘The light acclimation is largely reversible within a few days.’
    • ‘Studies have shown that long-term acclimations can be superimposed upon fast adaptive adjustment of the thermal stability.’
    • ‘Evidence is presented here that CKs carried in the transpiration stream may be important mediators for the acclimation of plants to leaf canopy density.’
    • ‘For instance, does light acclimation reflect a single integrated response, or is it the result of a combination of processes?’
    • ‘The patterns of seasonal acclimation of photosynthetic capacity in angiosperms are more variable.’
    • ‘Where cultivation is used between rows, cover crops planted in August can accelerate acclimation for winter.’
    • ‘Metabolic clearance rate of GH in trout is also increased following seawater acclimation.’
    • ‘These findings of acclimation of root respiration are important to modelling respiration under different moisture and temperature regimes.’
    • ‘The need for light acclimation and for optimization of the assimilatory processes is apparent in the vegetative stage of the plant and in young leaves.’
    • ‘One of the biggest dangers facing airmen in the desert is heat, and acclimation to that heat is vital to maintaining their health.’
    • ‘This response is reflected in the actual acclimation and thus the adjustment of processes or structures on time-scales less than one generation.’
    • ‘This is obviously due to carbohydrates which act as cryoprotectants and increase in concentration during cold acclimation as well as due to the anthocyanins.’
    • ‘It may be stung a number of times before full acclimation occurs.’
    • ‘Several studies have reported respiratory acclimation or adaptation to changes in temperature, and some back to pre-treatment levels.’
    • ‘As a consequence, they are forced to cope with their direct environment and have evolved acclimations and adaptations to counteract the long- and short-term stresses they are exposed to.’
    • ‘Total cellular levels of Hsps fluctuate with season and with laboratory acclimation.’
    • ‘Phenological adjustment to contrasted seasonality has been considered a symptom of proper acclimation.’
    • ‘Today, the only widely accepted way to fight a phobia is with real-world experimentation and acclimation.’
    • ‘If acclimation to the stress factor is successful, the metabolic parameter will change dynamically until a new steady-state is achieved.’
    • ‘One prominent adaptive mechanism to this temperature stress is known as cold hardening or acclimation.’