Definition of accessory before the fact in US English:

accessory before the fact


  • A person who incites or assists someone to commit a crime.

    • ‘They could be patrimonial things or extra-patrimonial things; common things or sacred things; principal things or accessorial things; corporeal things or incorporeal things.’
    • ‘The increase of accessorial crests and cuspules in the cheek teeth of primates has been correlated with the increase of the vegetarian component of the diet.’
    • ‘The Law Commission should return to this subject as a matter of urgency, and should recommend one of these radical approaches to accessorial criminal liability.’
    • ‘The Crown has told the jury, we say, quite properly, that for accessorial liability, they must know the essential facts.’
    • ‘We have recipient liability and we also have accessorial liability.’
    • ‘Your Honour, that is so, with respect, but there is also section 236 of the Customs Act, which is a separate accessorial offence.’
    • ‘Numerous accessorial crests and cuspules confer a reticulated aspect to the teeth.’
    • ‘To seek to distinguish pre-planned violence from spontaneous violence will give rise to inane discussions as to the relative meanings of spontaneous and pre-planned which are irrelevant to the question of accessorial liability.’
    • ‘The Full Court erred in finding it to be an essential element of the accessorial liability… that the alleged accessory be aware that the conduct of the principal was misleading or deceptive.’