Definition of acceptability in US English:



  • 1The quality of being tolerated or allowed.

    ‘what has changed is the social acceptability of such actions’
    ‘it was simply beyond the limits of acceptability to attack someone who could not defend himself’
    • ‘The condition appears to be responsive to behavioral interventions, but some have questioned the acceptability of such procedures.’
    • ‘Plastic pints have significantly expanded consumer acceptability of milk in single-serve containers.’
    • ‘The water tested well above EPA standards of acceptability for human safety.’
    • ‘Given the history of the site, this adds confidence to my conclusions as to the acceptability of the overall development.’
    • ‘The growing acceptability of economic arguments over human values are making female children a 'bad investment' in patriarchal societies.’
    • ‘None of these studies reported a difference in overall taste panel acceptability of the beef analyzed.’
    • ‘The year has been a good one for the diamond industry, and there has been a marked acceptability of branded diamonds.’
    • ‘He struggles with the philosophical acceptability of salvation through psychopharmacology, and he experiences a temporary medication failure.’
    • ‘What has changed is the social acceptability of such actions.’
    • ‘The convention of the lip sync begins to acquaint audiences somewhat with its acceptability.’
  • 2The quality of being accepted.

    ‘money derives its purchasing power entirely from its acceptability as a medium of exchange’
    • ‘The school needed to guarantee that its qualifications would aid the acceptability of its pupils to universities around the world.’
    • ‘These would work more closely with the uninsured public to widen the insurance acceptability on a voluntary basis.’
    • ‘Citizens of all EU countries have been exchanging dollars for euros, as acceptability of the currency has plunged.’
    • ‘He highlighted student inquiries about acceptability of credit transfer and about different admission criteria.’
    • ‘The poor can access quality care only if there is universal access to regimens that are structured to ensure affordability and acceptability.’
    • ‘The criteria of acceptability for Holy Orders must surely include a sincere attempt to live up to these teachings.’
    • ‘Acceptability in the international legal community necessitates accountability.’
    • ‘Methods of distributing alternative monies and ensuring their acceptability as payment are still being ironed out.’
    • ‘His acceptability was immediate.’
    • ‘The acceptability worldwide of the fiat-dollar reserve system depended on the illusion that it was a good or adequate store of value.’