Definition of Academy Award in US English:

Academy Award


  • Any of a series of awards of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood given annually since 1928 for achievement in the movie industry in various categories; an Oscar.

    ‘the Academy Award for best director’
    • ‘Bolstered by a handful of Academy award nominations, I had high expectations for this film.’
    • ‘And that passion helped a young actor give the best performance of his career, and get nominated for an Academy award.’
    • ‘But Julie Andrews became a bigtime movie star the same year by starring in Disney's original musical Mary Poppins - and won the Academy award for Best Actress.’
    • ‘It is Heston's Oscar-winning delivery that gives them stature and status, even if it is 40 years since he collected his Academy award for his performance in Ben Hur.’
    • ‘He won the Academy award for best actor for his work in Scent of a Woman.’
    • ‘Nominated for 7 Academy awards in 1994, it failed to bag a single award.’
    • ‘Well blow me down if I don't give you an Academy award on the spot for your breathtaking talent and originality.’
    • ‘It would win the 1974 Academy award for Best Documentary.’
    • ‘This is a documentary that, if there is any justice at all, should win him a special diamond-studded Academy award: a real-life human drama that David Lean would have loved.’
    • ‘He moved to Sweden with his wife but returned to the US in 1972 to collect a special Academy award.’
    • ‘Elizabeth Taylor did not receive an Academy award nomination for Three Faces of Eve.’
    • ‘Olivier received an Academy award nomination for Best Actor, but lost to Burt Lancaster for his work in Elmer Gantry.’
    • ‘And in the beginning the academy would not let us interview anybody who was up for an Academy award.’
    • ‘A three-time Academy award winner, he has specialised in scene-stealing eccentrics with more than a touch of lunacy, from the mental patient in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest to the axe murderer in The Shining.’
    • ‘Either way, this year's Academy award belongs to The Lord of the Rings.’
    • ‘Kingsley outshines Winstone's implosively keen performance, and the casting director deserves an Academy award, easily.’
    • ‘Was Grace Kelly ever nominated for an Academy award?’
    • ‘A child prodigy and prolific opera composer, Korngold composed music for sixteen films, mostly for Warner Bros, and received Academy awards for Anthony Adverse and The Adventures of Robin Hood.’
    • ‘The rule states that either the most popular or the most significant film gets the Academy award for best screenplay.’
    • ‘The fact that it made to the final round of the best foreign film category of the Academy awards itself proves beyond doubt that the film is a winner.’


Academy Award

/əˈkadəmē əˈwôrd//əˈkædəmi əˈwɔrd/