Definition of abundance in US English:



  • 1A very large quantity of something.

    ‘the tropical island boasts an abundance of wildlife’
    • ‘There's an abundance of tucker for birds who like to graze on insect and plants.’
    • ‘Whether there is an abundance of money to go out and spend is open to debate, though.’
    • ‘We pass a National Trust sign that points us up hill to the Tumuli - a prehistoric burial ground, where an abundance of heather disguises what lies beneath.’
    • ‘I want to start an ecovillage and create a working example of how people can live together peacefully, in line with nature and with an abundance of food, water and energy.’
    • ‘Record shop shelves all over the land are suddenly flooded with an abundance of Best Of Compilations and Singles Collections.’
    • ‘He said the shortage of labour in countries such as New Zealand may stem from the fact that, traditionally, there has been an abundance of young men keen to get into shearing, reducing the need to promote the industry.’
    • ‘The climate, especially when compared to England's, allowed for multiple growing seasons and an abundance of food.’
    • ‘The abundant supply of credit is not matched by an abundance of personal responsibility in current bankruptcy law.’
    • ‘Cunningham believes Scotland's hottest prospects will appear in the renewable energy sector because the country has an abundance of wind and wave resources.’
    • ‘Life has an abundance of trivialities that are not always mere trivialities, but can too easily stand in the way of the potential fruitfulness of participation in alternative avenues.’
    • ‘Full of manicured trees and shrubs, as well as an abundance of pretty and unusual flowers, you don't need to be a green-fingered wizard to appreciate the amount of TLC that goes into making it look so good.’
    • ‘The body performs best when slightly alkaline, but most Western diets nowadays contain an abundance of acid-forming foods.’
    • ‘In Scotland there is already an abundance of wood available from our existing forests, and it is the harvesting and efficient use of this resource which is set to change the way we think about providing for our energy needs.’
    • ‘But dad, won't the economy falter if there's not an abundance of talented people?’
    • ‘He was showered from all sides with an abundance of goodwill.’
    • ‘Over-watered lawns will quickly become mold factories and will shower everyone near them with an abundance of mold spores.’
    • ‘As Americans, we were accustomed to an abundance of food and other goods as a part of our lives, and I think the most obvious adjustment to the war took place in our kitchen and dining room.’
    • ‘This isn't to say that this province doesn't have an abundance of talented moviemakers, or that québécois culture doesn't have the resonance of familiarity.’
    • ‘He won the WBC super-featherweight title in 1998, and with an abundance of natural talent was reckoned a far better fighter than Hamed.’
    • ‘A beautiful walkway, a picturesque marina and an abundance of wildlife, gave a feeling of peace and tranquillity within a bustling rural village of Leighlinbridge.’
    avalanche, deluge, rush, flood, spate, torrent, cluster, flurry, wave, outbreak, outpouring
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    1. 1.1 The state or condition of having a copious quantity of something; plentifulness.
      ‘vines and figs grew in abundance’
      • ‘In a well-contested encounter which contained goalmouth thrills in abundance, the Tireragh side were deserving winners as they showed a very high workrate all through.’
      • ‘Show officials, stewards, judges and workers were in abundance and the hands-on people could easily be recognised by their mucky boots and ill-fitting, handed down bowler hats.’
      • ‘A good concept, with loads of teenage energy in abundance, this is a band you should keep at least one eye on… just in case they get famous.’
      • ‘That's a tremendous trait in a team and they had it in abundance in the last few minutes.’
      • ‘Well, in the mountains of Nagano there are two things in abundance: ski slopes and onsens (or baths fuelled by hot springs).’
      • ‘Yet there were evils in abundance which could not be put down to a consequence of human sin.’
      • ‘Now, the flip side of the heartbreaking stories we've had to bring you in abundance this week are the breathtaking stories of survival.’
      • ‘There was help in abundance with Mayo Mountain Rescue being joined by a number of teams from around the country.’
      • ‘You'll find it in abundance back in Aarhus, which has hosted a festival every year since 1965 to celebrate love and human relationships.’
      • ‘Conditions were favourable and the number of choice spots in southern Canada stretching from Manitoba to central Quebec allowed wild rice to grow naturally in abundance every year.’
      • ‘Like Yosemite it has nature in abundance with mountains, rivers, waterfalls and wildlife plus a crashing ocean close by.’
      • ‘Not a perfect debut, but clearly the potential is here in abundance, and Santana, at just 19, has plenty of time to realize it.’
      • ‘The Grandparents Day was observed in the school to honour senior family members who showered experience, patience and unstinting love on their grandchildren in abundance.’
      • ‘In addition, mule deer and bobcat are in abundance on the course, and a mountain lion makes infrequent visits every year or so.’
      • ‘What I did find, however, were many clothing and footwear establishments that cater mainly for young people - especially for women, for whom choice would appear to be in abundance.’
      • ‘If it's tranquillity you're after, the Spanish countryside has it in abundance, though if you don't have a good water source or a connection to the electricity grid, life can become a struggle.’
      • ‘The agricultural district, in which rice and watermelons and fruits and vegetables were grown in abundance, suddenly discovered a new, lucrative alternative crop.’
      • ‘Every trait I felt I lacked, they had in abundance.’
      • ‘Staphylococcus - a germ species most commonly associated with nose-picking - was found in abundance on steering wheels and driver's seats.’
      • ‘The second Riot Girl London zine has talent and intelligence in abundance.’
      profusion, plentifulness, profuseness, copiousness, amplitude, affluence, lavishness, bountifulness, infinity, opulence, exuberance, luxuriance
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    2. 1.2 Plentifulness of the good things of life; prosperity.
      ‘the growth of industry promised wealth and abundance’
      • ‘Unlike their parents, who lived through the hardships of the Depression, these baby boomers have known only abundance, prosperity and upward mobility.’
      • ‘Other foods include a whole fish to represent togetherness and abundance, and a chicken for prosperity.’
      • ‘For them there is a new life of forgiveness, peace, beauty and abundance from here to eternity.’
      • ‘What remains in the Waning West is a poignant landscape rich in local meanings, a reminder of a past that never quite produced sustained material abundance.’
      • ‘While it has cured diseases and produced abundance, it has also created pollution and nuclear weapons.’
      • ‘Regardless of whether the scene is set in the seventeenth, eighteenth, or early nineteenth century prosperity and abundance are constants in these images.’
      • ‘We live in an age of unprecedented wealth and abundance yet we have never been as unhappy.’
      • ‘This is a land of abundance with a wealth of spirit and in spiritual terms we have been forced to make mudpies and eat the soulless cardboard package.’
      • ‘Jupiter ruling the eclipse indicates peace, prosperity, fertility, happiness and abundance.’
      • ‘The Internet has now delivered us into an era of unprecedented artistic abundance and the promise of direct connectivity between artists and their audience.’
      • ‘We say it takes money to make money; Paul says it takes poverty to produce abundance.’
      • ‘It only takes one day for us to get our garden in, which is a small sacrifice considering the abundance it provides not only in food but in the sense of accomplishment as the harvest comes in.’
      • ‘In Chinese and Vietnamese cultures, the pig represents prosperity and abundance.’
      • ‘In the midst of luxury, abundance, and indeed waste, what can be our proper response when confronted with the poverty Kapuscinski describes?’
      • ‘Well, Schwartz believes that such abundance robs us of contentment.’
      • ‘White is for purity and red signifies abundance and fertility.’
      • ‘The Christmas tree is included in the exhibition as a symbol of fruitfulness and abundance in the house.’
      • ‘At a time which promised financial abundance and security we find ourselves, depressed, stressed, suicidal, darker and heavier than ever before.’
      • ‘The abundance, colour and contentment of Autumn reflect the magnificence of our God so what better time to stop, reflect and pray?’
      • ‘The dramatic colours, earthy abundance and fruitful generosity accentuate the passionate spirit that is essentially Corsican.’
      • ‘Lighting a lamp in a house is believed to bring prosperity, plenty and abundance to the family.’
      prosperity, affluence, wealth, opulence, comfort, well-being, luxury
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    3. 1.3 The quantity or amount of something, e.g., a chemical element or an animal or plant species, present in a particular area, volume, sample, etc.
      ‘estimates of abundance of harp seals’
      ‘the relative abundances of carbon and nitrogen’
      • ‘Hintze gave qualitative estimates of relative species abundances at particular sampling horizons, but did not list total sample sizes.’
      • ‘Those calculations of the relative abundances of dark energy and dark matter in the universe are consistent with other recent findings, including the results from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe.’
      • ‘In comparing the relative abundances of the six species across the whole state, Japanese honeysuckle occupied about 26% of all measured edges, more than all the other species combined.’
      • ‘From August 2002 through January 2003, the relative abundances of hydrogen, helium, carbon, and oxygen ions recorded by Voyager 1 differed from all previous measurements.’
      • ‘To some extent, the sample sizes (9-37 individuals per island population) reflect the relative abundances of the host species on each island.’
      • ‘What if the gas clouds contain different relative abundances of these isotopes?’
      • ‘Holroyd and Hutchison examine the relative abundances of turtle taxa throughout the Hell Creek Formation, as well as in the contemporaneous Lance and Ferris formations to the south.’
      • ‘The relative abundances are proven to be similar despite a remarkable difference in species composition between the northern and southern subregions.’
      • ‘If the two species were then recovered from the fossil record, in the same relative abundances, a similar conclusion might be drawn about winter temperature.’
      • ‘As students watch relative abundances of plant types become more ‘even’ (bar heights become uniform), diversity index values rise, and as types drop out, the value falls.’
      • ‘These data furthermore allow us to assess the relative abundances of different crustal components in the source area from which the sediment was originally derived.’
      • ‘The chemical compositions of those rocks, the relative abundances of the oxygen isotopes locked up in their molecules, their mineralogy, and their textures all betrayed their lunar heritage.’
      • ‘The relative abundances of the two plant species in the study area show a clear spatial pattern, with Plantago omnipresent and Veronica present only in the western half of the study area.’
      • ‘We also know their half-lives and can thus determine their relative abundances at the present day, assuming that the isotopes have not been depleted in some way.’
      • ‘In order to estimate the population density we divide the estimated abundance by the effective sample area.’
      • ‘Community composition and relative abundances of certain taxa provided discriminatory power between impairments associated with organic enrichment and those associated with toxic discharges.’
      • ‘The observed differences in phenotypes amongst different lines and within lines are intriguing and may reflect differences in protein abundance and stability in different cell types.’
      • ‘We hypothesize that, like tropical tree assemblages, these among-lake differences in relative abundances are the result of largely random processes operating among ecologically similar species.’
      • ‘Based on laboratory measurements of the relative abundances of the three isotopes, researchers infer the contribution of each.’
      • ‘We document relative abundances, habitat preferences, and foraging guilds for the members of the bird community.’
  • 2(in solo whist) a bid by which a player undertakes to make nine or more tricks.

    • ‘The bid of abundance in trumps is only used to overcall another player's bid of abundance.’


Middle English: from Latin abundantia, from abundant- ‘overflowing’, from the verb abundare (see abound).