Definition of abstemiously in US English:



  • See abstemious

    • ‘They subsist abstemiously upon wild herbs and fruits and roots and leaves of diverse kinds.’
    • ‘Sims abstemiously declined anything alcoholic but before she knew it ‘three Martinis were whizzing around my bloodstream’.’
    • ‘You see him sip abstemiously, after using the small reading glasses he keeps in his pocket to read the label.’
    • ‘We'd ordered a bottle of Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio 2001 for €21 from a range of interesting and well priced new and old world wines, which we managed to sip abstemiously for the entire meal.’
    • ‘The Cardinal lived abstemiously in a top-floor apartment, worked on his memoirs and a history of the Roman Catholic Church in Hungary.’