Definition of absolutist in US English:



  • A person who holds absolute principles in political, philosophical, or theological matters.

    ‘he was a moral absolutist with little patience for shades of gray’
    • ‘What we get here is a monarchical absolutist who gradually discovers his humanity.’
    • ‘Those absolutists who extol the virtues of free trade without addressing its costs are urging us to build an incomplete trade policy.’
    • ‘Ethical absolutists will argue that once we allow cloning, even for therapeutic purposes, there'll be no turning back.’
    • ‘His most renowned protagonist is an absolutist.’
    • ‘Despite the protests of First Amendment absolutists, both of these measures would probably be constitutional.’
    • ‘According to the absolutist, the parts of space are necessarily related to one another in an unchangeable order or arrangement.’
    • ‘She is an absolutist, despising those opportunists who take time out of normal life for a little promiscuity.’
    • ‘If the absolutist wishes to maintain his objection, he must point to some morally relevant difference between positive and negative killing.’
    • ‘I'm by no means any sort of information-wants-to-be-free absolutist.’
    • ‘There seem to be good reasons for utilitarians to be in favor of it, and absolutists cannot object to it on the ground that it involves killing the innocent.’


  • Relating to or supporting absolute principles.

    ‘an absolutist political tradition’
    ‘these claims might strike many people as absolutist and extreme’
    • ‘An absolutist account of individual rights leaves no opportunity to formulate more stringent policies for the procurement of organs.’
    • ‘I am suspicious of such absolutist pronouncements in so collaborative an artistic medium.’
    • ‘Prospero is an inherently unstable combination of Puritan reformer and absolutist ruler of the island.’
    • ‘The inner life of a nation is linked with the modern mass army in a way it could not have been with the absolutist armies of the earlier period.’
    • ‘All these premises represent an inversion of the traditional modes of absolutist encomium.’
    • ‘What's missing is the anchoring of endangered species protection within the human and natural economy, rather than within absolutist, moral rhetoric.’
    • ‘Indeed, it is an absolutist claim echoed in a leading article in the journal.’
    • ‘It complicates the way critics employ stereotype-centered criticism to produce absolutist, value-based judgments.’
    • ‘The growth of royal power led to the development of an absolutist state at the end of the seventeenth century.’
    • ‘At the same time, rural interests often take an absolutist view of property rights.’