Definition of abs in US English:



  • The abdominal muscles.

    • ‘Draw your shoulder blades down and back, using the abs to keep the torso erect, neck long and chest lifted.’
    • ‘Nothing gets more attention than a muscular body complete with exploding muscle and chiseled abs.’
    • ‘Feel the isometric engagement of core muscles from your upper abs down through your quads.’
    • ‘He was not wearing a shirt at all, his biceps noticeably muscular and his 6-pack abs too.’
    • ‘With each of these exercises, keep your abs contracted, shoulder blades back and down.’
    • ‘Nope, when you go to the gym you're thinking bigger biceps, chiseled chest, tighter abs.’
    • ‘This exercise works the hip flexors, lower abs and thighs, and increases kick strength.’
    • ‘To help achieve this position, contract your lower abs and tilt your pelvis forward.’
    • ‘Your back and hip muscles join in to assist your abs in holding your torso still as your legs move.’
    • ‘As you pull the bar down, keep your abs contracted and shoulder blades down.’
    • ‘Tighten your abs and glutes, keeping your pelvis down, and lift one leg off the floor.’
    • ‘Contract abs, dropping tailbone to stabilize torso against ball, then straighten legs.’
    • ‘Like any muscles, abs respond well to being worked slowly.’
    • ‘People find a muscular physique with great abs a very attractive and irresistible package.’
    • ‘He was wearing a tight black shirt that showed off his nice abs and muscles.’
    • ‘He was dressed in a tight white T-shirt that flaunted his abs, and his muscular arms.’
    • ‘Keeping torso lifted, contract abs to draw tailbone down until you feel a stretch in the front of your left hip.’
    • ‘She is into animal rights, she says, and a vegan and is pretty fit herself, she adds, demonstrating flexed forearms, biceps and abs.’
    • ‘She contracts her abs, curling her pelvis up and bringing her knees toward her chest.’
    • ‘I'm coached on how to bend down by contracting my abs and curving my rib cage in.’